These CES-featured stacked dual monitors are now $100 off

Improve your working posture for less.

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The 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) featured game-changing items for people working from home. Among workers who believe their job can be done from home, 61 percent of them choose to not go into the office. With these sustained work-from-home practices, consumers may be searching for gadgets to make the experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

One improvement to your home office space may be upgrading to a dual monitor. Geminos’ 24” stacked dual monitors are on a whole new level with a 1080p display and infinite adjustability. As part of this exclusive pre-sale, get the CES-featured Geminos stacked dual monitors for only $699 (reg. $799) through March 5.

More productive, more comfortable

The Kickstarter-funded Geminos dual monitors are made with an ergonomic design to help you maintain a healthy posture while sitting or standing at your desk. Instead of being placed side by side, the stacked and square-like aspect ratio limits slouching and neck straining from turning your head back and forth all day long. Infinitely adjust the top monitor up or down and the lower one in or out to your preferred height and posture.

Whether you work or play at your desk, these monitors are all-inclusive with a built-in HD webcam for video chats, powerful speakers, and a USB hub capable of charging a USB-C laptop. The monitors have a matte finish to prevent squinting from harsh glares. You also receive a webcam cover with your purchase to help protect your privacy while at your desk.

Potential health benefits

Neck pain increases when using a computer for longer than four to six hours daily, but these monitors can help combat that pain by allowing you to adjust to a comfortable working posture. If you prefer to stand up while working, easily adjust the monitors to a satisfactory position. Opting to stand for one hour of your workday could reduce your back and neck pain by up to 50 percent and improve your mood.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive pre-sale for the Geminos Stacked Dual 24” Screen Monitor for $699 (reg. $799) through March 5 at 11:59 p.m. PST, with no coupon needed. 

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