Save $30 on this NASA-tech driven odor eliminator

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Your living space is home to a litany of smells. Every home has a distinctive odor, but not all house smells are the same. Your grandma’s house may smell like cookie dough, while a best friend’s apartment may reek of citrus scents from their collection of essential oils.

There may be times where your house smells funkier than you’d like. And while there’s nothing particularly wrong with your walls smelling like day-old pizza, scientists say that prolonged exposure to stink can result in a slew of physical manifestations, like headache or nausea. It’s also been found that malodors can also have adverse psychological, physical, social, and even economic effects. The responsible—and healthy—way to tackle indoor odors is to stop the funk permanently. You may do so by using a device like the VentiFresh ECO: Next Generation Odor Eliminator, which is on sale for just $42.99 (reg. $72).

Inspired by NASA’s use of photocatalyst technology in the International Space Station, VentiFresh ECO eliminates funky odors by breaking them down instead of simply masking them. Designed with a built-in UV catalyst core, it decomposes odor through the process of natural photosynthesis, resulting in clean air that freshens up your home.

This powerful odor eliminator is ideal for banishing unpleasant odors brought about by cat litter, shoes, food, and the other microbes that come with them. And since it’s incredibly portable, clocking in at only 2.48 x 2 inches, you can easily place it inside diaper bins, cat litter boxes (cat toilets), shoe cabinets, refrigerators, and other places that usually generate funk.

The VentiFresh ECO has been backed over 1,000 times on IndieGogo, meeting over 388 percent of its goal. You can find out why it’s been raved about by picking up one on sale for only $42.99 — 40 percent off the usual cost of $72. You can also grab a 2-pack for only $75.99.

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