The best card games for an entertaining night at home

Make some boxed brownies, crack open a few beers, and try your hand at these classic and modern card games. It’ll be a perfect night.

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The last three decades have been something of a golden age for cards, which means we’ve been able to pack a variety of entertaining, competitive, and beautifully designed games into our pockets. The days of Go Fish are in the past. Below, a few of our favorite games to get the party started, wherever you are.

Six games in one deck: The Metagame by Local No. 12

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Some card games are all about strategy, some are about quick-thinking, and others, like The Metagame, are just silly and fun. Debate and share your opinions with friends on topics ranging from entertainment to art. You can play the Metagame with just one other person or up to 33 others, so it’s great for big family reunions or parties, too. It’s got a similar vibe to Cards Against Humanity, but with less built-in potential for awkwardness.

For all ages: Taco vs Burrito

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This wildly popular Kickstarter-funded game is great for all ages (ideally seven and up) and involves two to four players. It began as a dream by a 7-year-old named Alex, and is perfect for foodies who like to be strategic. Each player gets five cards and gameplay takes about up to 15 minutes. The goal is to create the craziest food combination. Each ingredient has a point value, so the player with the most points at the end of the round wins. There are countless unpredictable outcomes.

Get deep: Totem the feel-good game

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If you’re tired of hanging out with friends and family while everyone is sitting and scrolling on their phones, this card game is the perfect solution to provoke deep discussions and stronger connections with loved ones. This game is great for promoting self-love, too, and is also the perfect gift for counselors, therapists, and anyone looking to have more gratitude and connection in their life.

For close pals: Player Ten The Voting Game: The Adult Party Game About Your Friends

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This adult party card game depends entirely on the crowd, so choose your fellow players carefully. It uncovers hidden truths about your friends and prompts stories out of them that you may have never heard otherwise. It’s best for ages 17 and up, and groups of 5 to 10. Each card is designed to make you learn more about the players in the game. They feature questions like “who is friends with someone that they’d rather be dating?” and “who has thrown a birthday party for their pet?”


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