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Umbrellas aren’t supposed to be disposable. But if you think about the number of parasols that you owned (and lost) over the years, they might as well be. You really only ever realize the importance of a good umbrella when you’ve experienced being drenched in the rain due to either not having one on hand or using one so flimsy that it can’t protect you from more than a drizzle.

Consider umbrellas a worthy investment. The ones you get from bodegas may shield you from the occasional downpour, but they’re not really made to last. The RainTorch, however, is engineered to withstand any storm, and you won’t even have to pay top dollar to snag one. For a limited time, it’s on sale for an extra 15 percent off with the code SALE15NOV.

Check it out:

The RainTorch is equipped with all the bells and whistles to help you stay safe and visible during storms. It features the FiberCage™ framing system, which uses fiberglass and metal to fight against strong winds, resulting in an umbrella with storm coverage that you can rely on every time. If you’re a commuter, the umbrella offers extra protection with the integrated pivoting flashlight, increasing visibility for yourself and any vehicle you may come across. It even swivels, giving you a wider range of motion to shine light on the road or sidewalk. With one-click open and close, you can take cover quickly without pinching your fingers.

If you’ve always found it a hassle to tote around umbrellas because they’re bulky, the RainTorch is designed to be incredibly compact and lightweight, only weighing less than 1 pound for portability. Of course, since it’s made of premium quality materials, it can last you a long time.

Make RainTorch the last new umbrella you’ll own. It usually retails for $49, but you can grab it on sale for $33.99 with the code SAVE15NOV.