In case you haven’t noticed, everyone has got a green thumb now—or so they make it seem that way. Years of being cooped up inside resulted in many people taking interest in plants and, for folks living in the city, they had started growing and tending to their respective indoor gardens. 

The best thing about growing indoor gardens is you don’t necessarily have to have a green thumb to make plants thrive. You don’t even need to have ample sunlight in your living space, either. You can fabricate it all, thanks to planters like the Pico. For a limited time, you can get a PICO Planter Herb Garden on sale for just $39.99 (reg. $49). 

Helmed as the highest-backed smart planter on Kickstarter, Pico is a tiny indoor plant pod that lets you grow your own mini-garden anywhere and with absolute ease. It’s crafted out of food-safe, BPA-free recyclable materials and packed with clever features that enable even those who can’t keep plants alive to save their lives to grow thriving gardens.

Designed to make plant-keeping simple and easy, the Pico features telescopic grow lights, self-watering, and multiple mounting options, so it basically cares for itself. Its OSRAM LED grow lights energize your plant with all the necessary wavelengths, while its self-watering system draws exactly as much water as your plant needs. You simply have to top-up once a week and you don’t have to think about it again until the next.

If you don’t have a dedicated corner for plants, don’t fret, as you also have the option to mount it pretty much anywhere. You can also practice daisy-chaining and connect multiple Picos together to make a network of plants indoors. You’re also free to grow anything, from herbs to plants that detox the air. You can grow any medium, too, so you can seed pods, hydroponics, or even good old soil. 

Grow an indoor mini-garden with Pico. It usually retails for $49 but you can get it on sale for $39.99. Take your pick from three colors: white coralblue stone, and sea green.

Prices subject to change.