Celebrate National Pet Day with these accessories on sale

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Pets are worth celebrating every single day, but this month is extra special (seriously, look it up). It’s your job as their pet parent to shower them with more TLC than ever. For that reason, we’re having a sale on various pet accessories and gear to help you celebrate Pet Day. Take your pick from these options:

Allergy Test My Pet Kit

Find out what messes with your pet’s wellbeing with this kit designed to fill you in on the allergens they may be reacting to. It analyzes proteins found in your dog’s sample and informs you of more than 100 items that may be affecting your pup. Formerly $107, you can get it for only $69.99.

DNA My Dog NextGen: Canine Breed Identification PLUS Genetic Age Test

Figure out your dog’s genetic age and precise breed composition with this DNA test, which is rated 4.5/5 stars by purchasers. This way, you’ll have a clearer idea of their longevity from a cellular level and find out the ways you can care for them better. Its usual retail price is $99, but you can get it on sale for $69.99.

Wickedbone: Smart Interactive Dog Toy

Your dog will never grow bored with this toy that packs fun and exciting exercises. Equipped with nine interactive modes, it changes the way it moves based on your dog’s mood and reactions. Originally retailing for $99, it’s on sale for $69.95.

Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Dogs and Cats

If you’re not around to feed your pet, this dispenser will do it on your behalf. It can dispense 1 to 10 portions per meal, and you can set up automatic meal times to four times per day. It can accommodate dogs and cats of various sizes, too. Usually $119, it’s on sale for $79.99.

Basepaws Breed + Health DNA Test: At-Home Cat Genetics Test

Get to know your cat better with this DNA test kit that gives you an in-depth insight into their breed, health, traits, habits, and genetic markers. All it takes is a quick cheek swab, and you’ll receive results in just four to six weeks. It typically goes for $159, but it’s on sale for $129.

KittySpring Water Fountain for Cats

Cats will find it more convenient to drink with this fountain designed with a shallow and wide dish, preventing their whiskers from brushing against it. Thanks to its smart design, it can satisfy your feline’s daily need for a cup of fresh water for two long days. Usually $39, you can get it for $10 off with code KITTY10.

Pet Medic: First Aid Kit for Pets (2-Pack)

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this package offers an all-in-one first-aid solution to the most common pet injuries. Small and lightweight enough to be carried everywhere, it gives you the confidence knowing that you’ll be prepared with exactly what you need if your pet runs into trouble. It usually goes for $50, but you can grab a 2-pack for only $42.99.

KiTiDOT: The Amusing Cat Collar Toy

Satiate your cat’s hunting instincts with this uncatchable red dot. It challenges them to a game of endless chase with its various beam modes. It’s designed to keep them prancing and pouncing all day, and can even be played by dogs. It’s originally $25, but you can get it on sale for $23.95.

Automated Cat Robot Toy with LED and Feathers

Give your cat a replacement play buddy with this exercise toy that starts automatically when they touch it. It runs irregularly and rotates 360 degrees, giving your cat the chance to chase, jump, catch, hunt, and swoop when you’re not around. Formerly $35, it’s on sale for $29.99.

Dog Paw Cup Cleaner

Dogs’ paws tend to be the dirtiest part of their body if they love to play around outside, and this cleaner can help you keep their paws cute and clean. It’s soft enough so as not to hurt them and incredibly easy to use, too. Just add water and soap, insert their paw, and rotate the cup. Normally $29, it’s on sale for $17.99.

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