This red light therapy device on sale can help relieve pain

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It’s amazing what different types of light can do to the human body. Bright light was found to be effective in boosting testosterone levels in men, while natural sunlight or “happy lamps” have the ability to alleviate seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Meanwhile, there are light-based methods that can wipe out cancer and other abnormal cells from the body.

As for the skin, there are promising studies that show that red light therapy can help skin and muscle tissue heal. This form of treatment exposes you to low levels of red or almost infrared light, which then targets the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, and strengthens its function. Apart from tissue repair, this therapy can also aid in relieving bodily pains. This is the idea behind the LumiCure Light Therapy Torch. It’s on sale for just $119.99 (reg. $169). 

This device utilizes premium red light therapy to facilitate natural pain relief, targeting back, neck, shoulder, and knee discomfort, and even muscle fatigue or soreness. You can grab it on sale for 29 percent off.

LumiCure uses 630nm, 660nm, and 850nm non-UV wavelengths, meaning it can penetrate deeper with both red and infrared light. Incredibly portable and easy to use, it has a built-in wrist strap and zippered carrying case, allowing for easy carry and serving as your therapy on the go. When you’re ready to use, simply place it near your target area, and switch it on.

On top of helping with various body pains and discomfort, LumiCure is also a great addition to any workout recovery. With multiple benefits including accelerated workouts, injury recovery, and rehab and wellness, having it in your arsenal can enhance your wellness journey.

Try the power of light therapy for natural pain relief. This LumiCure Light Therapy Torch usually retails for $169, but you can get it on sale for only $119.99—a savings of 29 percent.

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