Save $15 on these coding kits that spark kids’ interest in STEM

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For many kids across the country, school is still out. They only have screens that pass for classrooms, which is not exactly the ideal way of learning regardless of the abundance of digital resources out there. While there’s no doubt that some kids thrive in remote learning, there are also quite a number of youngsters that have lost interest in education due to time away from their actual school.

As a parent or guardian, the onus is on you to spark that passion for learning. If you want your kid to take interest in STEM, the trick is to make learning and exploring fun and interactive. This Introduction to Coding Bundle: Curiosity and Coding Kits can help. It’s on sale for just $157.32 (reg. $174). 

Ideal for kids ages 7 to 12, this bundle comes with everything young and innovative minds need to learn more about science and technology. It’s specifically designed to provide a solid foundation for kids to explore computer programming, which just so happens to be one of the most sought-after skills of the 21st century. The bundle features two parts: the curiosity kit and the coding kit.

With the curiosity kit, they have tools and pieces that can foster creativity and spark curiosity in learning. Tinkering with the toys helps them learn problem-solving skills and develop an analytical thinking perspective, all while having fun. Their attention span and motor skills are enhanced too, thanks to constructive play. Meanwhile, the coding kit teaches them the fundamentals of computer programming while having them write codes that control robots that they build on their own. They also get to develop advanced problem-solving and creativity skills. 

This two-part bundle offers children countless activities to complete, meaning it allows for endless fun. The best part is they will be learning while playing. It’s also worth noting that with a purchase, you’ll also be donating to Twin’s Science Movement Campaign, which delivers science kits to disadvantaged kids in rural areas around the globe.

Formerly retailing for $174, you can grab the Introduction to Coding Bundle: Curiosity and Coding Kits on sale for only $157.32.

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