Yogurt makers to improve your snack time and microbiome

Grow your own healthy bacteria with one of these easy-to-use devices.

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Fermented dairy has long been part of health fads, with the probiotic bacteria they contain marketed as active and happy cultures that valiantly wage war against digestive issues. In truth, there’s a lot of misinformation online about probiotics, their benefits, and their potential side effects. That doesn’t take away from the fact that many people enjoy eating yogurt as a source of dairy (or non-dairy) protein, calcium, and general yumminess. When you make your own at home, you can save money, control how much sugar you add, and reduce your consumption of single-use plastics. These yogurt makers are an excellent addition to any kitchen.

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If you want to inspire others with photos of the perfect breakfast, this cylindrical yogurt maker delivers both style and function. Instead of creating one large container of yogurt, you divide up your heated mixture of dairy (or non-dairy) milk and starter into seven six-ounce glass jars for culturing. Set the digital timer and gaze at your efforts through the clear lid of the machine while the liquid is turning into yogurt. The separate jars can be refrigerated with different flavor add-ins according to your tastes, and the BPA-free lids have rotary-date settings so you can be sure they’re fresh. On a hot day, try a swirl of frozen orange-juice concentrate for a unique citrus tang.

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When you strain yogurt to separate out whey and lactose, the remaining thick and creamy dish is known as Greek yogurt, or yogurt cheese. This strainer holds up to a half gallon of unstrained yogurt. Place it in your fridge over a period of 3-18 hours depending on how thick you want the finished product. Then level up your culinary skills by using the leftover whey in an assortment of recipes from bread to desserts.

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If you eat a lot of yogurt, this high-quality machine has a large production capacity and extra-convenient features. Make up to 50 ounces of yogurt in each batch, or about 9 small serving sizes. In addition to the usual heating cycle of a yogurt maker, this machine will also cool your yogurt when it’s been properly fermented. It also comes with a thermometer and a cloth strainer for Greek yogurt.