Five rad and random foot things I found this week

The end-of-week dispatch from PopSci's commerce editor. Vol. 51.
Mynt Haven foot massager
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My job is to find cool stuff. Throughout the week I spend hours scouring the web for things that are useful, fun, or ridiculously cheap. Often times, these choices coalesce into a guide of like items—for example, the ultimate guide to making cafe-style coffee in your own home or the best vacuums for any kind of mess. But I often stumble across some pretty awesome gear that doesn’t really fit into a list. So I made a list for those.

Haven foot massager

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Full disclosure: When I’m at the office, my feet are typically in this automated foot massager instead of my shoes. Inside the foot holes are 22 massage heads to push into targeted pressure points on your feet, rollers on the bottom of the feet, and air pressure to aid in blood flow and alleviate aches. Within the machine, a heating system keeps your feet at a consistent temperature. There are programmable settings for things like temperature, air pressure, intensity, speed, and roller pattern, but I always go with the 20-minute preset mode. $180.

Waterproof socks

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These Always Outside mid-calf socks have three layers that allow them to be comfortable, waterproof, breathable, and be moisture-wicking. They’ll keep the water away from your feet without making them clammy. $25.

LED shoe lights

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Running at night can be dangerous if cars, buses, and other giant metal vehicles can’t see you. Night Runner shoe lights have 150-lumen LEDs that attach securely to your shoelaces so you won’t feel like you’re dragging any extra gear with you. The weatherproof lights charge via mirco-USB and hold a 2.5-5 hour charge depending on the setting you choose. $50.

Heated foot spa and bath

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Forget expensive foot treatments at the spa. The Gideon foot spa is an electric heated bath and massager. It features four water jets that cover your entire foot, six rolling massage wheels—two of them are motorized—and blue LEDs. The device allows you to set the duration, control the heat between 95-degrees to 118-degrees Fahrenheit, adjust the water pressure, and disable features like the jets or massagers. A built-in water drain also makes it easy to clean up after you’re good and relaxed. $120.

Heated connected insoles

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The Digitsole Warm Series ergonomic heated insoles are available for men and women in all shoe sizes. The smart soles connect to your phone via Bluetooth and allow you track your workout metrics—steps, distance, calories—and heat your feet between 68-degrees to 113-degrees Fahrenheit. Each insole can maintain a different temperature in case your left side runs hotter than your right—literally. $180.

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