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Updated Jun 12, 2023 5:25 PM

You can imagine this simple scenario: As the weather warms, you flock to the outdoor spaces in your home for a relaxing night on the patio. You kick back, relax, and get a fire started. The only problem is that the pesky bugs wreak havoc, causing you to retreat indoors when you should really be relaxed and cracking open another cold one. Luckily, there is a simple solution: the best outdoor bug zappers. These bug killers will let you enjoy the great outdoors in the way it was meant to be enjoyed—in peace.

The best outdoor bug zappers: Reviews & Recommendations

The best bug zappers are pretty powerful little objects. These bug killers typically work by omitting a UV light that attracts all sorts of bugs. The bugs fly toward the light and then are zapped by an electrical current. It sounds scary, but there’s nothing to worry about—you and your kids will be protected because the current is housed in a wired frame to prevent accidental zaps. 

By zapping bugs you are potentially helping to rid your environment of some pretty scary stuff beyond the little pests themselves. Flies can be carriers of E.coli and Salmonella. That means they can help spread pathogens when they land on your food. Yuck. But with the strategic placement of the best outdoor bug zappers, you can create a bug-free zone in seconds.

Best solar: Solar-Powered Bug Zapper Lamps



These outdoor bug zappers will add some style to your patio or yard with their lantern-style design that can be hung or stuck into the ground. Offered as a pair of two, these solar bug zappers are as simple as it gets. Just put them outside and the job is done—no charging, batteries, or chemical release necessary. The solar bug zappers’ purple light will attract all sorts of bugs and quickly give them an electrical current. Simple and effective.

Best swatter: Zap It Rechargeable Rackets



This rechargeable bug zapper will give you 10,000 zaps in a single charge. They differ from most outdoor bug zappers in that you can use them as electric fly swatters. Their tennis racket shape will almost make you forget you’re not playing some kind of strange bug-themed game (might as well make bug hunting a bit more enjoyable). 

Forget about constantly replacing batteries or having your zapper die out on you just when you need it. An LED light in the handle allows you to see exactly what you’re swatting so you can get those mosquitos that are ruining your night. With 4,000 volts of power, you’re sure to get rid of nearly any bug you swat at. Plus, a USB port means you can pop a cable into any phone wall charger or laptop nearby to charge it. This fly/mosquito zapper available in three sizes—16cm, 19.3cm, and 21cm—to ensure you get the one that is right for the giant or tiny bugs in your area. And its safety mesh means you won’t accidentally zap yourself when the racket is electrified.

Best hangable: BLACK+DECKER Bug Zapper



Black+Decker has designed an outdoor bug zapper that looks like a sleek hanging light as opposed to a bug repellant. It covers up to an acre, and you can hang it on any hook with the provided ring and chain. The long-lasting ultraviolet light lures in bugs for a quick, quiet zap. One of its best features is the easy-to-clean collection tray, which allows you to easily dispose of the bugs without getting dirty. (Even dead bugs can harbor bacteria.) Plug it into the wall for powerful, long-lasting bug relief.

Best budget: Livin’ Well Bug Zapper

This highly effective electric bug zapper attracts flies, mosquitos, and gnats with an 18-watt ultraviolet light. This device uses up to 4,000 volts of energy to eradicate pesky insects. One of the best features is that it is completely odor- and chemical-free. This zapper also emits a useful dim glow so that you can see where it is at night while not being blinded by a bright light. For an affordable option, you can’t go wrong with this bug zapper.

Things to consider when getting the best outdoor bug zapper

So you’re thinking about getting the best bug zapper for your outdoor space. Are you looking for a nice hanging bug zapper that won’t ruin the look of your patio or a portable mosquito killer that can also swat away flies? Maybe you want to make sure that your space remains chemical-free—or perhaps you just need a simple zapper that is super affordable. Whatever your bug-elimination goals may be, we’ve got you covered. Use our guide to read about the features that make these products the very best outdoor bug zappers. 


Q: Do outdoor bug zappers work?

Outdoor bug zappers sure do work. The light attracts the bugs and they’re instantly zapped once they land on the electrically charged wire. Certain insects won’t be fooled by the light, but most of the bugs we encounter will get trapped in these electric bug zappers.

Q: How do I clean a bug zapper?

Most of the models we recommend have a tray that makes it easy to remove and wash away the bugs. That said, others won’t need it, as pests will fall to the ground and can be cleaned up with a dustbin or household cleaner.

Q: What is the best way to keep mosquitoes away?

Yan can use the best bug zappers as a nearly surefire weapon against mosquitoes. The devices catch bugs with an electric current in the cages and kill them quickly. Your other option is using bug sprays. That said, they can often contain harmful chemicals, so a zapper is a great alternative mosquito killer.

The final word on the best outdoor bug zappers

Now that you know what you need to purchase to rid your outdoor space of bugs, stop the suffering and annoyance of having an endless assault of bugs attacking you while you’re trying to enjoy your time outside. These great outdoor bug zappers are a relatively simple cure to a big problem. Zap your way to some peace and quiet!