HTC Vive Pre
The newest HTC Vive cleverly puts a camera on the front of the device. Xavier Harding/Popular Science

HTC has a new format for Vive VR headset purchases, and its audience is professionals.

Vive Business Edition is less of a new piece of technology (everything you purchase is the same commercial model) but rather essentially a bulk purchase option.

For about $1,200, you get a headset, two base stations, four face cushions, and two vive controllers. You can add on additional headsets, but with additional costs.

It could be the best way to go for businesses that want to make use of VR and also have better customer service for the business side of things. Vive BE comes with a dedicated customer support line for just those sorts of questions.

That being said, it’s still unclear how many businesses would have a need for this—or whether the deal can be used to expedite the buying process. At the moment, the device is limited to one purchase per person so it would be the only way to purchase more than one headset.