Chemistry sets to get your child excited about science

Now it’s your turn to show them all the ways science rules.

pouring blue liquid into beaker
Education at the molecular level.Alex Kondratiev via Unsplash

Marie Curie’s Nobel Prize-winning work on radioactivity, Alice Augusta Ball’s life-saving method to treat Hansen’s disease (leprosy), and Louis Pasteur’s discoveries of vaccination principles all had to begin somewhere. Start connecting the dots between fun experimentation and groundbreaking innovation with your kids today, no laboratory required.

Ooze Labs Chemistry Station
Messes you’ll want them to make.Amazon

If your child is fascinated by all things icky, slimy, and gooey, this Parent’s Choice Foundation Silver Award Winner will delight them. Create a rainbow in a test tube using chromatography, make slime that glows, grow crystals, and understand the science behind 20 experiments in all. The station base and equipment stands with beakers, test tubes, and pipettes provide a convincing mini-version of a real laboratory. Suitable for ages six and up.

Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit
Vanish their fear of STEM.Amazon

Look, we know that magic isn’t real. But teaching science through the lens of magic is a great way to get kids with active imaginations and a love of storytelling to eventually trade their wizard robes for a lab coat. They’ll get excited about drawing in “invisible ink” or conjuring up some magic wand lava—and you’ll get the satisfaction of revealing basic chemistry as the powerful reality behind their spells.

Old Nobby Organic Chemistry Model Kit
Bond with your child.Amazon

Middle-schoolers and college students alike can enhance their studies of the properties, chemical reactions, and structure of organic compounds with this modeling kit. Develop a three-dimensional understanding of molecules and chemical bonding. A handy tool included in the kit easily takes apart projects so your kid can start anew.