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Published Dec. 6, 2019

I have a lot of hair. Seriously, check my credentials. And when you are truly blessed with a rich abundance of follicles, it kind of consumes your life. There’s hair in your face. There’s hair in your shower drain. There’s hair in your lip gloss (just kidding, you can’t wear lip gloss). So if you have a friend or loved one who looks like Farrah Fawcett (or Cousin It), consider gifting them some goodies that will make their hirsute lives easier.

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Most people who dye their hair have heard about Olaplex, a much-hyped salon treatment purported to make even the most damaged strands look sleek. The at-home version is slightly less miraculous, but it does provide a marked improvement in the look and feel of processed hair. It’s definitely a worthwhile gift for someone who grows their hair long while also coloring or styling it with frequency, which is a recipe for split ends and general mayhem.

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Full disclosure: I do not own a Mason Pearson brush. It’s a very expensive brush. But when my stylist swipes hers through my curls—an expanse known to snag and even break brushes of lower quality—I am amazed by its quiet tenacity. If you want to give your hairy loved one a single, simple showstopper of a gift, consider one of these artfully-crafted boar bristle brushes.

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Okay, we’re not all going to get Mason Pearson brushes as a gift. That doesn’t mean you can’t give the gift of a tangle-free New Year.

Nobody likes clogs. Amazon

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A super effective hair-catcher for your shower drain is less of a nice gift for a friend and more of a passive-aggressive stocking stuffer for your terrible roommate, but we cater to all sorts of gift-givers here at PopSci.

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Sometimes we do get our hairs wet on purpose. And when we do, it can take a long time to get them dry again. I got a Turbitwist on a whim ages ago—I mean, who buys made-for-TV products, anyway?—and I recently realized I’ve used it so often for so long that it’s time to buy a new one. The microfiber pulls water from your hair quickly without doing the damage of a brisk towel rub, and it holds everything up and out of the way while you go about the business of getting ready for the day. Your giftee will thank you later.

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I would never tell someone they need a hairdryer this expensive. I would never. No one needs It! But, uh, wow. This hairdryer is really great. Like… really, really great. So while I won’t tell anyone they need to buy this hairdryer, I will say that anyone with the cash to spare who wants to give someone who frequently blowdries their hair a really great gift should spring for a Dyson. It’s faster and less damaging than any hairdryer I’ve used before and does a way better job with curly hair than anything else I’ve tried, too. This is a really good gift.

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Stocking stuffers are important too! Twisty bobby pins are more expensive than their straight cousins, so lots of folks with abundant hair probably haven’t bothered to buy and try them. But they’re super effective for dealing with high hair volume, so your tiny gift will get a whole heck of a lot of use.

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Not everyone with lots of hair is most concerned with the stuff on top of their head! A good beard conditioner will be a game-changer for your friend with heavy facial hair.

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Living Proof is a company that pours tons of resources into R&D, spinning out high-tech molecules that promise haircare the likes of which you’ve never seen before. But the brand’s most impressive product is definitely its dry shampoo. It’s not a revelation—there are many dry shampoos in the world—but it just works really well. Give someone a bottle of this beautiful stuff, and give the gift of countless good hair days. The spray keeps styles looking fresh and clean for ages, minimizing the time your darling will need to spend coiffing.