The best of what's on sale for Cyber Monday

Bargains from our Best of What’s New list

Popular Science takes the annual Best of What's New winners very seriously. Items are scrutinized by independent researchers, vetted by third parties, and defended to a panel of dubious editors. The Pop Sci stamp of approval is not easily won.

Once our winners are chosen, however, we can ease up and get excited about sharing our choices with you all. And what makes us even more excited is when sales, like today’s Cyber Monday bargains, let you experience them, too.

The silver cylinder of the August Smart Lock with yellow and blue in the background

25% off August Smart Lock

If you have an Alexa-enabled device already — say an Echo, Dot, or Tap — voice-ordering certain products can get you an extra discount. The August Smart Lock is among the best deals, saving you $50 this Cyber Monday when you shop through Alexa. $150 on Amazon.Jonathon Kambouris

20% off Withings Thermo

Withings thermo
This infrared thermometer quickly made hypochondriacs of the entire PopSci staff. Editors began obsessively checking their temperature with the ultra-quick, contact-less system at the slightest indication of illness. "Is it just me, or is it freezing in here?" $79.96 from WithingsWithings
Acer switch alpha 12

25% off Acer Switch Alpha 12

The holiday season means plenty of travel. And many of us, unfortunately, need to carry work in tow. That often means a screaming-hot laptop and buzzing fan on our laps. Acer's Switch Alpha uses a novel liquid-cooling technology to keep temps in check. $449 from Microsoft.Microsoft
Samsung 4k

40% off Samsung 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

After its debut last winter, Samsung's 4K disc player has certainly been due for a major price drop. This Cyber Monday, it got one. Among the deepest BOWN discounts we found, it's well worth the price to have a clearinghouse for all the streaming and disc-spinning 4K content you can handle. $199 from Samsung.Samsung
Parrot drone

23% off Parrot Disco Drone

Some big-name drones are having a bumpy holiday season – sorry, GoPro. But the winged Parrot Disco is still sailing smooth. The fixed-wing flier is among the easiest to launch and fly of any of its airborne brethren, making it a worthy investment that might not get caught in a tree Christmas morning. $1,000Parrot
LG Signature OLED TV

25% off LG Signature OLED TV

Sixty-five inches is a lot of screen for most living rooms, but LG's OLED panel makes sure every pixel counts. Not only does the set display vivid 4K pictures, but it's also compatible with both top high-dynamic-range standards, so you will get the best colors possible, no matter your content source. $6,000 from Best Buy.LG
axe bat

25% off Axe Bats

This season, top MLB sluggers have been swinging something new: The Axe Bat. Armed with an angled, axe-inspired handle, the bats allow for a more comfortable grip, faster swings, and (potentially) fewer injuries. Use promo code BF25 to get 25 percent off the entire line, including NCAA-, little league-, and MLB-approved sticks. From $150..Axe Bat
HeathE Genesis Lamps

30% off 2 Light Science Group HeathE Genesis Lamps

Tailoring the color temperature of your light can help you wake up or fall asleep on cue. So, having a color-shifting lamp both where you live (or work) and where you sleep makes pretty good sense. $240 from Genesis.Sam Kaplan
Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

41% off Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Updating a major appliance isn't something to do on a whim, but if you're already in the market for one, this smart fridge is well worth a look. Armed with three interior-facing cameras, the Wi-Fi connected device lets you check if you have eggs right from the grocery-store aisle. $3,500 from Best Buy.Samsung
Motorola phone

28% off Moto Z

Smartphone deals can be hard to come by. Today, Amazon is cutting the price tag of the feature-swapping Moto Z by $200 (yay!). Prices on bundles with a Hasselblad camera or insta-share projector, however, stay the same (boo!). $500 on Amazon.Motorola
HTC vive

12.5% off HTC Vive

2015's BOWN Innovation of the Year rolled out to great fanfare and high expectations. Perhaps this holiday season will be the year VR starts to find a home in more, er, homes. HTC has slashed the Vive headset's price by $100 across all retailers. $699 from HTC.Xavier Harding
sphero bb-8

22% off Sphero BB-8 + Star Wars Force Band

As we all ready ourselves for Rogue One on December 16, let's not forget the adorable rolling droid that captured our hearts just a year ago. This year, Sphero added the Force Band to the mix; the wrist-worn remote control allows you to control BB-8 with gestures. (If you only want BB-8 himself, you can snatch him up for $100 on Amazon). $180 from Sphero.Jonathon Kambouris
Amazon echo

22% off Amazon Echo

The freestanding speaker that brought a Siri-like experience into the home continues to be a hot item on Amazon, so naturally it's part of their annual Cyber Monday showcase. Armed with Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant, Echo learns new tasks all the time. For instance, this summer, she learned how to order you pizza. $140 on Amazon.Jonathon Kambouris
Pebble Time Steel: Longest-Lasting Smartwatch

20% off Pebble Time Steel

Smartwatch competition has heated up considerably since we awarded the Pebble Time Steel in 2015, but its specs still remain impressive. Thanks to an e-paper display, the timekeeper can last for up to 10 days on a single charge. It's also not horrible-looking — for a smartwatch. $200 at Target.Pebble
kolibree toothbrush

33% off Kolibree Connected Toothbrush

Good oral hygiene never gets old, so this connected toothbrush is certainly still worth considering. The smart brush keeps tabs on where you have (or haven't) brushed to make sure your whites stay pearly. $99 from Kolibree.Jonathon Kambouris
Dyson humidifier

20% off Dyson Humidifier

Dry winter air can do a number on your skin, but Dyson doesn't stop at keeping the air moist. Their humidifier doubles as an air purifier, trapping dust, dander, and allergens. It's a welcome addition at a time when you're likely to carry new plants (ahem, pine trees) into the house. $399 on Amazon.Dyson