Gifts for your bald friends

Help your follicularly-impaired colleagues get a-head of the game.

Bald man looking up
Bald is beautiful.Depositphotos

It's never been cooler to be bald—Bruce Willis has been bald for a while, Wayne Brady began shaving his head within the last few years, and Cara Delevingne totally rocked the look this past April. And though bald people may end up being the butt (er...head?) of jokes (as demonstrated by the following classic Whose Line Is It Anyway clip), at least there's one fewer thing for us to tackle at the start of our morning.

Below, some items to show your bald friends that you appreciate them.

Wahl Clipper Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers

Wahl Clipper Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers
Buzz buzz buzz.Amazon

I've owned an earlier model of these clippers for five or six years, and I'm super jealous that this newer, wireless model now includes a color-coded chart for guard lengths. It has a great motor that can power through hair of all lengths and I use it both to shave my head and trim my beard. $26.

Scalpmaster Clipper Cleaning Brush

black brush
We need brushes, too.Amazon

And if you get your bald friend clippers (if you give a mouse a cookie...), you'll definitely want to get them this brush with it. The brushes that come with clippers are terrible. They're tiny and really don't work very well. This is such a minor thing that will make such a big difference (shout out to editor-in-chief Joe Brown for the suggestion.) $5.

Pure Wood Shaving Razor

Pure Wood Shaving Razor

Perhaps you think clippers are an easy way out—a real shave comes from a straight razor. The Pure Wood shaving razor is a good, cheap model for beginners. As the reviews state, there's a good chance your friend might knick themselves when first learning to use this razor, but with practice, they'll have the smoothest head on the block. $16.

HeadBlade ATX

HeadBlade ATX
Hot Wheels for your noggin.Amazon

OK, jumping from clippers to a straight razor may have been a little extreme. If you're looking for a safety razor designed specifically for shaving heads, take a look at the HeadBlade ATX. The car-shaped handle slips on like a ring and the flexing blade holder means you can reach every nook and cranny on your head. And honestly—it's pretty fun to drive a car on one's head. $17.

3-Piece Shaving Soap Gift Set

Soap, metal dish, and shaving cream brush
A brush, a bowl, and barbershop soap.Amazon

If your friend is using either of the razors on your head, they'll want to use some kind of protective lubricant. This shaving soap foams up nicely and will make them feel very fancy while using it. $22.

Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee

Mirror with razor
Actually this is a great gift for anybody who likes to look at themselves.Amazon

Their roommates may be upset if they come home to find a sink clogged with hair (hi, Ben and Jillian!), but your giftee can avoid this problem by shaving their head in the shower. In fact, this mirror even has a shelf specifically for a razor, so you'll never lose it. $28.

LEKEYE Shower Drain Hair Catcher

Shower drain cover
The super will be so happy.Amazon

If your pal is going to shave their head in the shower, a drain catcher is a must. This one will fit right over their existing drain cap, so they can easily recover and get rid of hair as it (literally) washes away. $10.

Nivea Sensitive Post-Shave Balm

Bottle and box of post-shave balm

Your friend's head (and possibly face) are now smooth as can be—help keep their skin from getting dried out and irritated. $15.

Bald & Sexy mug

black mug, bald & sexy written in gold
Where's the lie?Etsy

Let your friend be bald and proud at all times, even while they enjoy their morning coffee. $20+.

Flair Hair Visor

black visor with gray hair
Sometimes you just want to feel like Guy Fieri.Amazon

Maybe after all of this, your bald friend has decided they miss being not-bald. While this author disagrees with the decision, Flair Hair is an easy way to give the appearance of hair, and even comes in a few branded models for sports fans. $15-$31.

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