Relaxing bath bombs for 70 percent off? I’d buy them.

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Sense Sation Bath Bombs
Bath bomb, bath bomb, you’re my bath bomb. Amazon

Bring a bit of ooh la la to your bathroom situation with some fizzing bath bombs. This set from Sense Sation comes in seven different scents—like bergamot orange or rose and jasmine—fit for any mood. Using a bath bomb is relaxing as hell, and making your own (while totally possible) is such a to-do.

(Editor’s note: if you buy bath bombs instead of making them, the probability of your hapless roommate—ahem—eating some citric acid thinking it’s sugar will go down dramatically, too.)

These are made with coconut oils, Epsom salt, and aroma therapy oils. They don’t stain or leave any gunk in your tub. Your skin will feel softer and you’ll forget all about the long week. These are $14 for seven.

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