A Himalayan salt cooking block for 82 percent off? I’d buy it.

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Himalayan Salt Cooking Block
Himalayan salt cooking block Amazon

Before you get all salty, hear us out. Grilling or searing meats, fish, or vegetables on a slab of Himalayan salt supposedly makes for a more even cook—and, of course, a bit of extra flavor. The block’s crystalline structure has low porosity, which means the slab can stand up to extreme heat and cold for extended periods. So it’s a nice-looking way to serve chilled sushi and piping hot steaks. Himalayan salt is also more mineral-rich, which can add a bit more complexity to the taste of your food.

It’s not hard to clean, either—just moisten an edge with a wet sponge and scrub with a soft brush.

Amazon; $11.

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