Clean me up, Scotty

Energize your bathing routine with this shower curtain displaying the transporter room from The Original Series, and matching bath mat. There’s only a few left on Amazon, so get one before they dematerialize. $99 on Amazon


Based on the Original Series uniforms, this retro skirt comes in three colors: yellow for Command, blue for Science, and red for Engineering/sacrificial offering. $70 on ThinkGeek

A working handheld communicator

The Original Series handheld communicators foretold the first flip phones. This Bluetooth-enabled replica pairs with your internet-connected devices to act as a phone or a desktop speaker. $150 on Amazon

Next Gen hoodies

Pips and combadge sold separately. $30 on ThinkGeek

Borg cube coffee mug

Possibly the best way to assimilate coffee in the morning. $11 on Amazon

Enterprise schematic

Admire the flagship of the Federation from all angles. $9 for 8- x 10-inch print on Etsy

Messenger bag

It’s the perfect place to stow your Starfleet-issued PADD. Or, a 13-inch laptop. $35 on Amazon

Door chime

Mount this device near a doorway and it will alert you whenever someone crosses the threshold. Choose between the door whooshing sound or the Red Alert from the Original Series. A push button provides the classic Communicator Whistle. Savor the sweet sounds of the 23rd century. $24.99 on Amazon

Borg backpack

This backpack makes getting assimilated into the cybernetic Borg Collective seem pretty fun. $90 at

A working combadge

This Next Generation communications badge connects to your phone or tablet with Bluetooth for hands-free texting, email, music, or even translation (in case your Universal Translator breaks). Even includes the classic “chirp” sound. $80 at

Spock socks

Leonard Nimoy reportedly once said, “When I put on those ears, it’s not like just another day. When I become Spock, that day becomes something special.” Now you can make your day (or someone else’s) special with this extremely logical choice of footwear. $10 on Amazon

Build your own Bridge

Join Kirk, Uhura, Sulu, and Spock on a Bridge built from Mega Bloks. The kit includes the figures, helm console, computer stations, viewscreens, opening turbolift doors, and a swiveling captain’s chair. $60


A subtle nod to the Trekkie who’s also a chef. Comes in a variety of colors. $27 on Etsy

Enterprise cufflinks

Channel your inner Kirk with these dashing cufflinks. $60 on

Awkward Riker postcard

As Etsy creator Hannakin points out, Commander William T. Riker is a man with fine seating abilities. Celebrate his…unique…way of straddling a chair with this postcard. $8 on Etsy

Captain Kirk bookend

With his smoldering looks and the weight of his deep, deep thoughts, this James T. Kirk bookend wants to hold up your Popular Science magazine collection. $180 on Amazon