17 Star Trek gifts we want right now

Resistance is futile.

Clean me up, Scotty

Energize your bathing routine with this shower curtain displaying the transporter room from The Original Series, and matching bath mat. There’s only a few left on Amazon, so get one before they dematerialize. $99 on Amazon


Based on the Original Series uniforms, this retro skirt comes in three colors: yellow for Command, blue for Science, and red for Engineering/sacrificial offering. $70 on ThinkGeek

A working handheld communicator

The Original Series handheld communicators foretold the first flip phones. This Bluetooth-enabled replica pairs with your internet-connected devices to act as a phone or a desktop speaker. $150 on Amazon

Next Gen hoodies

Pips and combadge sold separately. $30 on ThinkGeek

Borg cube coffee mug

Possibly the best way to assimilate coffee in the morning. $11 on Amazon

Enterprise schematic

Admire the flagship of the Federation from all angles. $9 for 8- x 10-inch print on Etsy

Messenger bag

It’s the perfect place to stow your Starfleet-issued PADD. Or, a 13-inch laptop. $35 on Amazon

Door chime

Mount this device near a doorway and it will alert you whenever someone crosses the threshold. Choose between the door whooshing sound or the Red Alert from the Original Series. A push button provides the classic Communicator Whistle. Savor the sweet sounds of the 23rd century. $24.99 on Amazon

Borg backpack

This backpack makes getting assimilated into the cybernetic Borg Collective seem pretty fun. $90 at startrek.com

A working combadge

This Next Generation communications badge connects to your phone or tablet with Bluetooth for hands-free texting, email, music, or even translation (in case your Universal Translator breaks). Even includes the classic “chirp” sound. $80 at startrek.com

Spock socks

Leonard Nimoy reportedly once said, “When I put on those ears, it’s not like just another day. When I become Spock, that day becomes something special.” Now you can make your day (or someone else’s) special with this extremely logical choice of footwear. $10 on Amazon

Build your own Bridge

Join Kirk, Uhura, Sulu, and Spock on a Bridge built from Mega Bloks. The kit includes the figures, helm console, computer stations, viewscreens, opening turbolift doors, and a swiveling captain’s chair. $60


A subtle nod to the Trekkie who’s also a chef. Comes in a variety of colors. $27 on Etsy

Enterprise cufflinks

Channel your inner Kirk with these dashing cufflinks. $60 on startrek.com

Awkward Riker postcard

As Etsy creator Hannakin points out, Commander William T. Riker is a man with fine seating abilities. Celebrate his…unique…way of straddling a chair with this postcard. $8 on Etsy

Captain Kirk bookend

With his smoldering looks and the weight of his deep, deep thoughts, this James T. Kirk bookend wants to hold up your Popular Science magazine collection. $180 on Amazon