Human retina. Mikael Häggström via Wikimedia Commons

Like a fortune teller, Google wants to look into your eyes and tell you the future. Moorfields Eye Hospital in London will partner with Google and DeepMind for a five-year term as they seek to speed up analysis of eye scans from slow and methodical search to rapid computerized search for a plethora of eye symptoms, like diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration.

DeepMind is best known as a game-based artificial intelligence. By mastering game rules and using them to win, Google believes we can train artificial intelligence algorithms for specific but open-ended tasks–like searching eye exams for signs of disease.

Both the hospital and Google assure that the new data collected will be anonymously analyzed, with the goal being to teach DeepMind how to find and identify diseases in general, not necessarily to diagnose specific patients–yet.

[H/T Ars Technica]