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The latest generation of Samsung Galaxy smartphone, Galaxy Watch, and Galaxy Buds are coming in the next few weeks. And, you get a $200 Samsung credit if you reserve all three. We have seen this kind of deal from Samsung before and, for a die-hard Galaxy user, it can be very appealing. 

Although it’s unclear exactly what the newest Samsung Galaxy tech will offer, we’re big fans of the current models for their aesthetics, multitasking capabilities, and more. The preorder page teases “A new way to selfie” and “the next small thing is coming,”  all of which will most likely be unveiled at the company’s Galaxy Unpacked event August 10.

Expect $100 of Samsung credit by reserving the next Galaxy smartphone, $50 by reserving the next Galaxy Watch, and $30 for the next pair of Galaxy Buds if you don’t want to reserve all three. Samsung is also advertising a “commitment-free” reservation—most likely the choice of not having to buy if you’d like to get some more wear out of your current Samsung devices. 

You’ll also unlock the highest online trade-in values for your current Samsung devices and get access to exclusive colors only available on While it’s certainly unusual to preorder devices before they’re even announced, it could make sense for dedicated Samsung fans. Supply chain issues have made availability uncertain and this is a way to get in early. Plus, if you’re already planning on buying the latest and greatest once it drops, you might as well save some money in the process.