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Every March 14, the geeky side of the internet convenes to celebrate Pi Day, a day honoring one of the most well-known constants in mathematics. Why March 14? If you remember anything from high school geometry, pi is approximated to 3.14 since it’s 100 trillion numbers long. The day is most often celebrated with pies and other round treats, but who says we can’t enjoy a nice savory circular delicacy today? Get major savings on Pi Day with deals on pizza ovens from Cuisinart, Presto, ooni, and more.

Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven Plus, Griddle, and Grill $197 (Was $299.99)



This Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven—which does double duty as a griddle and grill—is down 34% to $197. That’s more than $100 of delicious, rational savings. It comes with a 13-inch cordierite pizza stone that gives your pizza a crispy crust and prevents an unevenly cooked pie. The cast iron griddle plate and grill give you plenty of cooking space when you’re in a burger mood. A dual-hinged lid flips up for griddling and grilling, and the front door flips down for easy pizza access and to check on food without losing heat.

Air fryers also make an excellent pie—this Oyster Air Fryer Oven is 10% off, fits two large pizzas, and has 10 additional cooking presets like dehydrate, roast, and (most importantly) pizza.

It may sound cheesy, but these deals potentially won’t be a-round tomorrow. Get a cut of these deals before they’re gone.

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