This Himalayan salt block is a great early Black Friday ‘stocking stuffer’

Every dollar counts when you've got presents to buy. Save on this clutch cooking tool.
Himalayan salt block del
You'll only be salty in a good way after these savings. Billy Cadden

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Hear us out on this stocking stuffer deal. A couple of years ago, we ran a deal on a Himalayan salt block and got some great reactions from people, saying it seriously enhanced their grill game. Using a grill—gascharcoal, or flagship pellet cooker like the Traeger Timberline we reviewed—to sear meats, fish, or vegetables on a slab of Himalayan salt supposedly makes for a more even cook and, of course, a bit of extra flavor. The block’s crystalline structure has low porosity, which means the slab can stand up to extreme heat and cold for extended periods. So it’s a nice-looking way to serve chilled sushi and piping hot steaks. A Himalayan salt block is also more mineral-rich, which can add a bit more complexity to the taste of your food.

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How to clean your Himalayan salt block

It’s not hard to clean. All you have to do is just moisten an edge with a wet sponge and scrub with a soft brush. The residue should easily come off. Just make sure you don’t scrub too hard or you could damage the block.

Why snag this deal?

This Himalayan salt block’s surface area is 12- x 8-inches, and it’s 1.5-inches thick. This is the lowest price it has been all year—now $23. It’s only a couple of dollars less, but with gift season coming up, it’s always nice to save a couple of dollars and score a really useful stocking stuffer. A kitchen gift is perfect for anyone that loves spending time in the kitchen. Everyone salts their food—hopefully within reason—so this Himalayan salt block is also an approachable gift that most cooks wouldn’t be too intimidated to give a shot.

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