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Updated Mar 22, 2022 11:29 PM

It’s time-consuming to secure bills, confidential files, and old contracts. Yet, you have to safeguard private personal and business information. Having the best paper shredder for the home and office are the answer. They make sure wandering eyes and prying hands don’t get ahold of sensitive materials. 

The best paper shredder should be sized for your typical shredding volume, offer reliable performance, and shred pieces to the security necessary for the document’s data. Your top considerations should include the type and volume of materials you need to shred and how often the shredder will run. We’ve selected some of the best paper shredders on the market for the home, office, and the growing number of home offices.

How we picked the products


When searching for the best paper shredders, I scoured the internet. In total, I considered over 50 models from 10 brands in all price ranges, looking for a balance between performance and price. My picks were based on the following criteria: 

Ease of use: Reverse buttons to remove jams, simple emptying mechanisms, and easily empty baskets add to overall ease of use. 

Safety: Thermal overload sensors and safety mechanisms that turn off the cutters when the lid is removed from the basket are among the features I looked for. 

Versatility: Cutters that can handle a wide range of materials, including paper clips and staples, take some of the work out of shredding. Versatile models also have wide mouths for easier paper entry. 

Capacity: Capacity included paper capacity, as in how many papers could the shredder handle at once? Capacity also included the basket volume, which determines how often it needs to be emptied.

The Best Paper Shredders: Reviews and Recommendations

Best paper shredder: Aurora AU1580MA Professional Grade Micro-Cut Paper/ CD and Credit Card Shredder


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Why it made the cut: The AU1580 makes quick work of paper, credit cards, CDs, and paper clips, turning them into a micro-shredded mass that’s nearly impossible to identify. 


  • Dimensions: 16.93 x 12.99 x 23.62 inches
  • Paper capacity: 15 sheets
  • Security level: P-4


  • 60-minute continuous runtime
  • Quiet operation
  • Reverse mechanism effectively fixes jams


  • Big and heavy

The Aurora AU1580MA shredder isn’t your average Home Depot shredder. This behemoth can hold 8.5 gallons of shredded paper. That kind of capacity doesn’t come without significant weight. The AU1580 weighs in at 43.28 pounds but features casters to provide some mobility. 

It makes quick work of 15 pages at a time and can handle CD/DVDs, paper clips, and credit cards. The blades turn them into a micro-shredded P-4 mass that’s caught in the basket. An impressive 60-minute runtime lets offices with a high paper volume stay ahead of shredding. Even when shredding at full power, this model stays relatively quiet. 

Five indicator lights provide insight into the current status, such as door open, overload, bin full, overheat (includes automatic shutdown), and power. 

This model’s size takes up a good amount of space, so it’s not the best for small offices or homes.

Best home paper shredder: Aurora AU800SD Professional Strip Cut Paper Shredder


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Why it made the cut: This Aurora model made the list as the best home paper shredder for its power, small size, versatile fit, and range of shreddable materials. 


  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 12.99 x 2.95 inches
  • Paper capacity: 8 sheets
  • Security level: P-1


  • Compact and easy to store
  • Expands to fit different wastebaskets
  • Shreds credit cards and CD/DVDs


  • Cannot handle a high volume

The Aurora AU800SD Professional Strip Cut Paper Shredder is a good match for a small home office. The small, easily stored, no-basket design fits most wastebaskets. An extendable arm adjusts to security fit over an existing basket, reducing the number of office appliances. 

The AU800 can handle eight pages at once and shreds them to ¼-inch pieces. That’s only P-1 security, so this isn’t intended for ultra-sensitive information. A jam remover button helps dislodge paper or other materials from the blades. 

However, be aware that this model isn’t designed for high paper volumes. It shuts down and requires a cooldown period fairly quickly.

Best heavy duty paper shredder: Wolverine SD9113 Heavy Duty Shredder


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Why it made the cut: The Wolverines P-4 cross-cut comes with an 18-sheet capacity and long runtime that catapult it to the front of the heavy-duty shredders. 


  • Dimensions: 13.4 x 10.4 x 22 inches
  • Paper capacity: 18 sheets
  • Security level: P-4


  • Shreds through paper, credit cards, CDs, clips, and staples
  • Cross shreds for added security
  • Completely pull out the waste bin for dumping


  • Loud
  • Basket fills quickly

The Wolverine SD9113 Heavy Duty Shredder puts P-4 security on everything that passes through its cutters. Those cutters handle a wide range of materials, including staples, paper clips, credit cards, CDs, and (of course) paper. A high 18-page capacity and 60-minute runtime goes through paper quickly, without the need to cool for up to 60 minutes. 

While the wastebasket fills quickly, it is easy to empty and pulls completely out of the shredder. The only other downside to this model is the noise. It makes a racket but gets the job done.

Best shredder for credit cards: AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Capacity, Paper Shredder


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Why it made the cut: Amazon’s paper shredder features safety features and quick credit card shredding, rising to the top of the competition. 


  • Dimensions: 12.8 x 7.3 x 15.9 inches
  • Paper capacity: 8 sheet 
  • Security level: P-3


  • Safety mechanism shuts it off if it’s not fit to the basket correctly
  • Shreds quickly during its 30-minute runtime
  • Auto-senses paper for better energy efficiency


  • Produces more paper dust than other models

This AmazonBasics paper shredder quickly shreds through eight sheets of paper but can also make quick work of credit cards and paper clips. Credit cards get a special center spot on the cutter, and it blows right through them. It also features the standard reverse mechanism and an auto-on feature that senses paper and turns on the cutters. If you’re worried about security, this is the best shredder for credit cards.

Two safety features keep everyone in the household safe. A safety switch on the lid turns the blades off if the lid isn’t securely attached, and the second safety feature turns the motor off before it overheats, which is after about 30 minutes.

Best value: Bonsaii 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder


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Why it made the cut: For less than $100, this model provides security, transparent window, great capacity, and versatile shredding options.


  • Dimensions: 12.64 x 7.91 x 18.5 inches
  • Paper capacity: 10 sheets
  • Security level: P-3


  • Shreds credit cards, paper, paper clips, and staples
  • Sharp, steel cutters hold their edge
  • Transparent window lets you see when it’s full


  • Noisy
  • Short runtime

The Bonsaii 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder offers an impressive array of features for a relatively inexpensive model. Its 10-page capacity gets only better when you consider that it can also shred credit cards, paper clips, and staples. That reduces the work it takes to prep papers for shredding. It’s the heavy-duty steel blades that eat through materials and cross cut them into P-3 sized pieces. 

The basket’s transparent window gives you a visual before it gets too full. A safety mechanism turns off the machine if the head is removed from the wastebasket, keeping hands and fingers safe. 

While we like the automatic overheat protection and cooling system, this model can only run for about four minutes before it needs to shut down. That might limit the shredding capacity in a large office. It’s also a noisy addition to the office environment.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Paper Shredder

Security level

Paper shredders are given a security rating according to the size of the paper pieces they create. Larger pieces are easier to reassemble, warranting a lower security level. Levels range from P-1 to P-7. The P-1 level machines create basic strips and offer the least security, while level P-7 is reserved for organizations like the NSA that have to shred top-secret documents. Depending on the sensitivity of the document’s information, you may need a P-3 or P-4 level shredder that cuts documents into smaller pieces than a P-2 model. At the P-5 and P-6 levels, the machines micro-cut the paper into tiny particles, making it nearly impossible to reassemble.

Paper capacity and runtimes

Shredders can handle different paper volumes at once, anywhere from four to 20 pieces. Machines that can shred a higher volume at once cost more. However, if you’re shredding hundreds of papers every week, these machines will save you time. 

Models that can shred more at once also have more powerful motors with longer running times. Less powerful motors may only run for five minutes or less before they need to cool down. Heavy-duty models can often run 30-60 continuous minutes.

What you’re shredding

Paper isn’t the only thing that needs shredding. Some of the best paper shredders can also eliminate credit cards and CD/DVDs. For those who have secure information in multiple mediums, this kind of shredder can offer a secure way to dispose of more than paper. 


A home office may be limited in space with monitors and equipment taking up desk space, making the size of the paper shredder a serious matter to consider. Some models are as big as a garbage can, while others are small enough to sit on a desktop. A no-basket paper shredder can sit atop almost any garbage can and can be stored in a drawer.


Q: Is cross-cut or micro-cut shredder better?

When deciding which is better, cross-cut or micro-cut, you have to consider what kind of information you’re shredding. Cross-cut shredders offer some security, but there’s a possibility of the information being visible if someone really wanted access to it. This type of shredding works well for everyday emails, documents, and non-sensitive personal information. However, if there’s confidential information, a micro-cut shredder creates smaller pieces that are incredibly difficult to reconstruct.

Q: Should I shred old utility bills?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, you can shred utility bills immediately after they’ve been paid. Other documents like pay stubs and medical bills need to be hung onto for a little longer, but utility bills aren’t something you need to keep for years.

Q: How long should a shredder last?

With proper maintenance and oiling, a paper shredder should last about ten years. However, that estimate is based on usage. Never exceeding the paper capacity and runtime limits will assure that you get the best life out of the shredder.

Final Thoughts

The Aurora AU800SD Professional Strip Cut Paper Shredder gets top marks because of its long running time, high paper capacity, and extra features. However, if you’ve got a business that regularly handles sensitive information, you’ll probably need the power of the Wolverine SD9113 Heavy Duty Shredder. This model’s high-capacity cutters whip through paper, credit cards, and other materials.