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If you or your partner love music, take advantage of beyerdynamic’s Better Together sale, which kicks off just before Valentine’s Day. This sale, which runs through Feb. 15, includes deep discounts on many of the legendary German audio systems brand’s latest headphones and earbuds, which fit in perfectly whether you’re into professional sound design, gaming, or just luxurious listening. There’s something for every type of listener at various price points. Additionally, many headphones and earbuds can be bundled with an accessory, like a charging cable or wireless adapter, for a lower price.

We’ve reviewed a few of beyerdynamic’s headphones and microphones over the past couple of years and have always come away impressed. In fact, the very models we’ve tested are currently discounted as part of this sale. You’ll find details about all of the deals currently active below, but the $70 discount beyerdynamic is offering on its Free BYRD true wireless earbuds stood out among the rest.

beyerdynamic Free BYRD $229 (Was $299)

Brandt Ranj / Popular Science


The Free BYRDs are Beyerdynamic’s answer to the AirPods Pro, and they stack up nicely against Apple’s latest earbuds. A big part of the Free BYRD’s appeal is an excellent fit. If you’ve had trouble with gummy-tipped earbuds falling out of your ears, beyerdynamic has you covered. The Free BYRDs are very comfortable in the ear, so—combining fit with excellent battery life—you should be able to get through an entire day of work or cross-country flight without feeling excessive pressure or ear fatigue.

We were impressed by both the earbuds’ audio quality and active noise cancellation during our tests. Music, podcasts, and audiobooks sounded detailed, and we couldn’t detect sibilance or overpowered bass while listening. Beyerdynamic offers a free mobile app that allows you to manually adjust their EQ to your taste, which is a nice touch. If you want to wear earbuds to block distracting sounds in an office, home office, or on your commute, the Free BYRDs are an excellent option. You’d be hard-pressed to find a pair of earbuds that can best their active-noise cancellation performance in the sub-$200 price range. Beyerdynamic’s limited-time sale makes the Free BYRDs even more affordable, so if you’re looking for an audio upgrade, don’t wait too long. In a couple of weeks, this price must be traveling on now.

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