The New iPad’s Screen, Under a Microscope

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The new iPad‘s screen is apparently so amazing it can’t be described in words (though we’re certainly going to try; look for our review early next week). But images can sometimes tell the story more effectively, anyway. Lukas Mathis over at Ignore the Code stuck the new iPad, as well as about a dozen other gadgets, under a microscope to check out what the pixels look like way up close, at 80x magnification.

The new iPad’s pixels are predictably minuscule, though not quite as small as the current-gen iPhone’s. But there are some other interesting tidbits in there too–the BlackBerry PlayBook and Kindle Fire, as you may or may not know (hopefully not, because it’s an awfully arcane bit of gadget knowledge), are built on the same platform, which is why they look exactly alike. But apparently the screen is very different–the pixel arrangement, shape, and color are all different between the two 7-inch tablets. And the E Ink-ed Kindle looks completely different, with its electrophoretic screen that’s closer to a Woolly Willy than a regular LCD. Check out the images over at Ignore the Code.

[via Buzzfeed FWD]