Prone to wipeouts? Even if you end up face-down in a drift trying to tackle a double black diamond, this adventure-ready gear will still be there to preserve the moment when you rebound for another run (or when you hand it to your friends and head back to the lodge).

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Shoot your every twist without worrying about the elements or blurry footage. Encased in watertight plastic, this Kodak is the first waterproof pocket camcorder to shoot in full 1080p, and its onboard image-stabilizing software helps steady shaky shots across rough terrain.
Kodak PlaySport Video Camera $150;


Stay hands-free. Delkin’s suction-cup camera mount is entirely rust-resistant and affixes cameras of up to four pounds to any smooth surface, like a snowboard or sled. The cup creates an airtight seal that holds strong even when whipping around a racetrack at 200 mph.
Delkin Fat Gecko Mini $40;


This 2.9-ounce headlamp shines farther than most built-in camera flashes to brighten up nighttime video and stills. Its white LED provides you with as much light as 200 full moons and illuminates the trail as far as 114 feet ahead.
Petzl Tikka Plus2 $40; [

Location Tracker

Before you hit the slopes, sync this GPS—the smallest of its kind—with your camera’s clock and tuck it into your jacket. When you get back, its computer software uses timestamps to figure out where each shot was taken.
GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr Mini $70;


A setting on this Casio tells it to snap a picture every 10 seconds to catch mid-run action. And if it falls into the snow, your shots are safe: Its waterproof steel-and-fiberglass casing lets it survive seven-foot drops and an hour in 10 feet of water.
Casio Exilim EX-G1 $300;