by Mike Walker

Dept.: Gray Matter
Element: Silver
Project: Making Silver Bullets
Cost: $50
Time: 5 hours
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Like darning socks, making bullets is a dying art. Used to be just about everyone with
a need for ammo poured their own, using iron or even wooden molds. These days
only a few diehard hobbyists still do it, and they use aluminum molds. But even fewer
people still make silver bullets.

Actually, not many people ever made silver bullets. It´s a difficult process, and their efficacy against werewolves has never been scientifically proven. I suppose their renown came from the perception that silver was a distinguished metal, often spoken of in connection with its higher-class cousin, gold. But today silver is far more common, and it tarnishes over time, primarily because of sulfur pollution from power plants. (By and large, it didn´t tarnish before the Industrial Age.)

I couldn´t find any references describing real historical silver-bullet-crafting techniques. At 1,764