Gifts for people who really love dinosaurs

Dinosaur stuff for dinosaur people.

Dinosaur Gear
Dino-sorry, I'm not sorry.Pixabay

Dinosaurs haven't roamed the Earth for quite some time, but we find out new things about them all the time. Hey, even this past week a paleontologist in New Mexico claimed to have discovered a new species.

Below, some dinosaur gear for kids, dogs, botanists, and just your regular run-of-the-mill nerds.

Dig It Up Archeology Kit
Dinosaur archeology kitAmazon

Let your kid practice for a future paleontology career with this 12-dinosaur excavation kit. Soak the clay eggs in water and carefully chip away to reveal mini dinosaurs. Use the excavation guide to identify the species and learn about your new favorite dinosaurs. $25.

Dinosaur Planter
A jurass-ick planterEtsy

Plant a treat for a stegosaurus. You can even plant one in a stegosaurus. Have a prehistory-themed garden on your desk or in your kitchen. Choose between 11 dinosaurs planters and a variety of colors. $18.

Dinosaur T-Rex Shower Head
T-Rex Shower HeadEtsy

Check out this 3D-printed Tyrannosaurus skull shower head.The plastic head comes in a variety of colors and will fit on any ½-inch pipe. $20.

Dinosaur Toy Soaps
Soap with a toyEtsy

Each of these glycerin-based colored soaps comes with a dinosaur toy inside. Being clean is more fun when there are dinosaur toys involved. $4.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex
Ultra T-Rex toyAmazon

The Imaginext Ultra Ice Dino shoots ice bombs from its chest and back. Use different pads on the toy's body to make it walk forward, grow up to 2.5 feet, and shoot stuff from its mouth. Yes, there are sound effects and LEDs. $77.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs : The Definitive Pop-Up
Dinosaur pop up bookAmazon

Kids love pop-up books. So do I. Think of the Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Pop-Up as an in-your-face, immersive educational dinosaur experience. $21.

T-Rex Attack Game Dino Mundi
Augmented reality dinosaur gameAmazon

Holy cow! An augmented-reality dinosaur game? The T-Rex Attack Game by Dino Mundi comes with a 120-piece racetrack, a battery-operated car, a T-Rex dino, and seven "augmented reality cards." Drive the car around the track and attempt to sneak past the T-Rex, or watch dinosaurs battle, eat and react to different scenarios on your phone by scanning the augmented reality cards. $33.

Dog Dinosaur Costume
Make fido look ferociousEtsy

Is your little pup as ferocious as a raptor? Even if they aren't, this black polar fleece dog costume will make them look like they are. Available in all sizes and multiple colors. $22.

Dinosaur Shaped Marker Holder
A cute marker organizerEtsy

This adorable dinosaur-shaped marker holder is made of smooth, Michigan hardwood and has a walnut oil coating. $18.

National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia: The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference Ever

Teach your kids about dinosaurs with this 272-page book packed with dino-facts. Learn about their habits, the origins of their names, and (thanks to large illustrations) the make-up of their bodies. It really is The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference Ever. $18.

Dinosaur Wine Holder
A dinosaur wine holderEtsy

This Baltic birch dinosaur wine holder holds a standard 750ml wine bottle can can be made with a dark walnut finish, a beeswax and orange oil finish, or an unfinished natural wood. $40. {rel=nofollow}

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