Mark Gurney

2 pounds: the weight of the olinguito, an adorable carnivorous mammal species just discovered in South America

20 millikelvins: the temperature at which scientists recently achieved reliable, on-demand quantum teleportation

Quantum Teleportation: Fig. 1

700 miles per hour: the speed at which Elon Musk’s proposed Hyperloop railway system would shoot passengers across the country

Hyperloop Pod Rendering

50 million years: the amount of time these two galaxies will be colliding, spewing superheated gas and x-rays into space

Two Galaxies Colliding

3,467 miles: the slice of Mars captured in a new radar image from the Mars Express orbiter

A radar view of the southern highlands of Mars

17 years: the prison term this ex-chief of a U.S. military supplier just earned for insider trading, fraud, lying to auditors, and obstruction of justice (eesh)

$15,000: the funding three college students need to build an electricity-free light bulb powered by bacteria

The Biobulb

6 percent: the portion of medical marijuana studies from the past year that investigated the drug’s benefits, rather than its harms

165 million years: the age of a newly discovered fossil with preserved hair residue—evidence that fur evolved long before the rise of modern mammals


3 inches: the height of a goofy-looking leaping robot that can control its landing by moving its tail in midair

18: the number of whiskers on the autonomous Shrewbot research robot


$900: the price of a new GPS receiver that offers navigation accurate to an inch

67: the documented number of uncontacted people living in the rainforest of Brazil. Government workers recently captured rare footage of one isolated tribe.

$1,325: the price of a paddleboard made from coconut husks

NSP Coco Mat Paddleboard

Coconut husks contain the planet’s second most common organic material, lignin. Found in the cell walls of wood and woody plants, lignin adds rigidity, resists fire and microbes, and absorbs ultraviolet rays. Woven together, the fibers protect a coconut’s fruit in falls of up to 80 feet.