Travel pillows for better sleep while traveling

Catch your Zs on the road or in the air—without messing up your neck too badly.

man sleeping on a plane
All of these options are much cheaper than a first-class ticket.Annie Theby via Unsplash

If you live life on the move, it’s important to catch up on rest during that dead time between destinations. But it’s not so easy. You hear plenty of people saying they can’t sleep in cars or on planes, but perhaps those people are just lacking the right aid. A supportive travel pillow can transform road sleep from awkward and uncomfortable to restful and rejuvenating. Suddenly, jet lag isn’t kicking in during your big meeting abroad. You’ve arrived to visit your family having slept eight hours instead of having half-watched four romcoms. Imagine the possibilities! Sleeping while sitting up doesn’t have to wreck your neck—here are some great options to help start your search for a travel pillow companion.

Vishnya Travel Pillow
Memory foam heaven for your neck.Amazon

This pillow curves to support your head, neck, and chin while seated. It also has a small adjustable lock for the front to hug your neck gently and prevent the pillow from slipping off should you toss and turn. The fabric of the pillow is breathable, so you can finally say goodbye to those sweaty airplane sleeps. This pillow is great for any travel environment and comes with a carrying bag, earplugs, and contoured eye mask.

Trtl Pillow
Supportive, scarf-style.Amazon

This soft fleece pillow wraps around your neck and has an internal adjustable support rib to support your head ergonomically. It weighs only half a pound and can be folded up. The Trtle is also machine-washable and comes in several different colors. There is also a junior option so you can get your child a pillow to match yours.

ComfyDown Travel Pillow
For use en route and at your destination.Amazon

This is a compact goose down pillow with Egyptian cotton cover that is not too hard or too soft. It will come in handy in car, plane, train, bus, but also when your hotel pillow is too firm. You can even use this pillow at home for extra sleep support or back support on your desk chair. The ComfyDown is breathable, durable, washable, and hypoallergenic. You can also have the company custom fill the pillow to your desired firmness.