Our favorite science-themed ugly Christmas sweaters

OK, so technically these are sweatshirts more than sweaters, but make no mistake: your love of science will not be doubted.

Oh Chemistree, oh Chemistree

Oh Chemistree, oh Chemistree

It’s a chemistry teacher joke as old as time, and it makes for a great sweater. Here the first 22 elements of the Periodic Table of Elements stack together to create a Christmas chemistree. $17.99 to $32.99 on Amazon
Albert Einstein ugly Christmas sweater

Merry Christmas, Albert Einstein

2016 was a big year for Albert Einstein. Gravitational waves, the final part of his general theory of relativity, were confirmed to exist. What’s more, the scientist also has his own emoji keyboard and Snapchat filter. And now you can celebrate Einstein by wearing his face on your chest. Available on Amazon for $14.95 – $38.95.
Science-themed Christmas sweater


Not every Christmas sweater needs to celebrate something specific—sometimes a sweater with a generic pattern is just as nice. This sweater from Etsy has everything a science nerd could want—beakers, microscopes, molecules, planets, bunsen burner flames, and a big ol’ atom smack dab in the middle. Available on Etsy for $40.00 – $42.00.
Rocket ugly Christmas sweater

It’s not rocket science…oh, it is

What’s a science garment roundup without some rocket representation? Last year, Blue Origin, the space tourism company founded by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, became the first spaceflight company to land a reusable rocket. This year, SpaceX achieved the same feat, and one-upped Bezos’ company by becoming the first to land a reusable rocket on an autonomous droneship. Get festive and remind your relatives how great Elon Musk is with this sweater. Available on Amazon for $29.99.