All the best new gadgets from the 2018 IFA consumer electronics show

Lots of new gadgets abound.

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The annual IFA conference in Berlin is the biggest consumer electronics trade show in Europe. It’s a lot like the annual CES conference that happens in Las Vegas every January. IFA helps ease the pain of summer’s end by dumping a whole slew of new gadgets onto our list of gizmos to lust after. We aren’t on the show floor in Germany, but we’re keeping tabs on all the sweet new gear making its debut from afar. Here’s a running list of new stuff—andbe sure to check back for updates next time you see this post crawling through your social feeds.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge is a giant speaker that rolls

B&O has a reputation for creating products that are outrageous and expensive, but also good. Its latest creation is a circular speaker that you control by rolling it back and forth on the floor. The promotional material also claims it can “feel your presence.” Can any of your current speakers do that? Didn’t think so.

Acer Predator Thronos gaming throne

A few years ago, there was a trend of integrated gaming chairs that had screens and a leaned-back angle to help negate the discomfort of marathon frag sessions. Acer took that concept several neon-colored steps beyond with its massive new throne. It has three 27-inch gaming monitors to fill your field of view, rumbling feedback to make games more immersive, and 140-degrees of recline to bring your closer to living the dream of those people on the ship from Wall-E.

Casio has a new Pro Tek smart watch for adventure-types

The latest in rugged wrist-items from Casio runs on Google’s updated Wear OS operating system for wearable gadgets. The new Pro Tek watch has all the sensors you’d expect from a device like this, including GPS and an altimeter powered by a battery that will last up to 1.5 days.

LG made some robot pants

LG Robot Pants

The CLOi SuitBot (yes, that’s really how they capitalize those letters) is an exoskeleton meant for the lower half of your body to take away some of the strain from long stints of standing and walking. It’s meant for people like factory workers who do a lot of lifting and moving around, which can wear out your joints. It’s not the first of its kind, but it’s an elegant form factor that almost certainly won’t malfunction and fold you in half like a slice of New York-style thin crust pizza.

Nimble introduced some portable battery chargers

Nimble phone charger

Three employees from portable battery company Mophie left to form a new company called Nimble. It produces familiar battery-charging devices, but adds an emphasis on design and sustainability, including an increased focus on what happens when the device is at the end of its life.The wireless stand charger seems like a solid option, offering a built-in kickstand (to keep your phone visible on your desk), wireless charging, and high-speed USB ports for $50.

Sony made some extra-tough SD cards

Sony Tough memory cards

Memory cards are notoriously easy to break and nuke your pictures, but Sony’s latest line is 18 times stronger than other competitive cards. There’s no write-protection switch and none of those stupid teeth over the contacts that like to break off inside your camera or computer. You can go all the way up to 128 GB if you’re willing to shell out $276 when they arrive in October.

Dell introduced a fancy monitor and a cool new Chromebook

One of the most interesting products from Dell at IFA 2018 so far is its new 27-inch, 1440p display that maxes out on brightness and HDR color. It’s only $550, too, which is pricey, but solid for a screen with those stats.

Dell’s new Chromebook offerings include a convertible model in which the screen articulates into a tablet. The $600 machine is luxurious for a Chromebookthe but comes with a Core i3 processor, 4 GB RAM, as well as three USB ports.

Acer Predator Triton 9000 Gaming Laptop

Still on the insane gaming gear tip, Acer also made a new Predator-series gaming laptop with the latest GPUs and a tilting screen that looks like it could be useful for designers and digital artists in addition to gamers. It has a touchscreen-based number pad area that recognizes gestures in its more-than-full-sized keyboard. There are no details yet, but we’ll likely see it again at CES.

We’ll add new products as the show rolls along, so check back here for new and interesting stuff.