Glow-In-The-Dark Paths Could Be The Future Of Street Lighting

Particles absorb light during the day, then emit a blue glow at night.

Evening visitors to Christ’s Pieces park in Cambridge, England are basking in the glow of a whole new type of street light. Starpath, a new type of resurfacing material being tested within the park, absorbs ultraviolet light during the day, then emits a blue light at night to illuminate walkways.

The glowing particles can be painted over existing paths to turn a dark road into a stretch of bright color, no overhead lighting required. This could allow cash-strapped towns to keep their streets safely lit at night while eliminating the cost of street lights. The Cambridge City Council has said that if Starpath works out well in the park, it might be expanded to cover other part of the city. The technology might be useful to illuminate the bike lane of a road, for instance.

The Telegraph