Snapple's Bottle Cap Facts Are Often Wrong

Snapple Fact

Flickr user Jeremy Foo

Snapple has been printing facts on the underside of its bottlecaps for over a decade now, but maybe we should stop referring to them as "facts." Some are misleading, outdated, or easily misproven.

The Atlantic looked into the veracity of hundreds of Snapple Facts, and found that many don't hold up.

Elephants actually sleep three to seven hours a night, not two (#35), according to the San Diego Zoo. The Statue of Liberty wasn't the first electric lighthouse (#179); that distinction belongs to the Souter Lighthouse, according to the UK National Trust. And the average American doesn't walk 18,000 steps a day (#89), not even close. The real tally is more like 5,116 steps, according to a recent study.

There are contradictory facts (was Manhattan or Philadelphia the U.S.'s first capital? There are caps that say both!), as well as bizarre facts that can't really be verified (the most popular goldfish name is "Jaws"?). Interestingly, Snapple says they "thoroughly" fact-check the bottle caps, even though The Atlantic found that many could be debunked with the very first search result in Google.

Head on over to The Atlantic to see just how wrong Snapple can be.