You Can Pay Via Fingerprint With Samsung’s Latest Phone

The company teamed up with PayPal to bring biometric scanning to its Galaxy S5

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At Mobile World Congress today, Samsung announced the latest version of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5. If it’s anything like the S4, lots of people will buy it. Since it has a larger number in the front, it will probably be better: bigger, faster, etc.

But more intriguingly, it’s going long on biometrics: not only does it feature a pulse-detector, there’s also a fingerprint scanner stuffed inside, a la the latest iPhone. Unlike Apple’s machine, though, Samsung has teamed up with PayPal to get you shopping through, literally, the press of a single button. Rather than logging in with a standard password on sites accepting PayPal, S5 users will soon be able to access their accounts through their fingers.

Last year, PayPal started teasing the idea of letting a person log in to any site that accepts PayPal through finger scanning, then using that system to shop, bypassing any need for a password. Now we know it’s coming to the S5. Will this Forever Change The World As Know It? Probably not. But maybe the iPhone scanner wasn’t a fluke idea.