The Hand Tool Family Tree [Infographic]

For any kind of caliper you want

So you misplaced your screwdriver, or vernier caliper, or veiner gouge. The worst, right?

If only everything were as organized as this ridiculously comprehensive infographic of more than 300 hand tools, from the common to the, uh, extensive sub-family of various hand files.

A project from the always great designers at Pop Chart Lab, (previously: this spiral of early Nintendo games) the chart was just released and is called, simply, the Chart of Hand Tools. The tools are all grouped intuitively by what you use them for. (“Tools That Divide” is a bad poetry collection waiting to happen.)

They’re selling prints for $26 now, if you’re looking for a gift for the carpentry or optical-bevel protractor enthusiast in your life.

The Chart of Hand Tools
The Chart of Hand Tools Pop Chart Lab
Tools That Measure
Tools That Measure Pop Chart Lab
Tools That Mark
Tools That Mark Pop Chart Lab
Tools That Divide
Tools That Divide Pop Chart Lab