Razing Razrs

Razor_front, 3/23/04, 1:00 PM, 8C, 4776x2640 (2047+4907), 150%, bent 6 stops, 1/15 s, R61.6, G48.1, B80.3

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What’s the crummiest phone out there? Probably an issue of personal preference, unless you’re basing it on which breaks most easily. In that case, it’s the Razr V3. SquareTrade, an independent warranty company, just released data on phone reliability based on its records. Motorola’s Razr had an 18 percent failure rate across a two-year, normal-use time period. Even worse, in nearly 60 percent of those cases the phones became completely and inexplicably bricked. Of course, there might be more to phones than function; this data comes on the heels of CES, where Motorola phones garnered more nods than any others. Lets just hope the ROKR and T815 can do one better than their predecessor.—Abby Seiff