Vitamix Explorian Blender
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An 8-quart multi-cooker

Instant Pot Amazon

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We’re obsessed with Instant Pots. They are particularly helpful when you’re busy with a ton of guests over the holidays, or on weeknights when you don’t have a lot of time to stand over a pan. Today, you can save 44 percent on the 8-quart Instant Pot Duo. The multi-cooker is currently $90—it usually sells for $160. This is actually the cheapest price I’ve seen for this model. It works as a pressure cooker, steamer, and an egg cooker. You can customize the settings or use the pre-programmed buttons to bake, sauté, boil, steam, or slow cook. It’s great for cooking chilis, curries, stews, dried beans, and more.

The Everlast smarter notebook

Rocketbook Amazon

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Today, you can save 24 percent on a Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook bundle, which includes two notebooks—each has 36 reusable pages—and five Pilot FriXion pens. Write on the notebook paper with the Pilot FriXion pens and then scan the notes with your smartphones camera to Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive. After your finished, wipe down the pages with a damp cloth and reuse. Get the bundle for $45.

Vacuum-insulated containers and cookware

Stanley Amazon

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Stanley vacuum-insulated bottles and cookware are on sale for up to 50 percent off. These are great for the winter months, keeping your tea, coffee, or hot cocktails warm on long, cold days. The camping cookware set is 34 percent off—now just $42—and comes with a stainless steel pot, a dish-drying rack, and four full sets of cutlery and dishes.

Robot vacuum and mop

Bobsweep Robo-vac Amazon

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Save time—and, today, money—with a robot vacuum. This Bobsweep Robo-vac is on sale for 45 percent off, so you can get it for $220. This model features TurboLift suction, has longer bristles to pick up pet hair, and features a large, 1100-milliliter dustbin. The vacuum has some unique features that I haven’t seen on other robot vacuums, like a display screen with control buttons and a built-in UV light that helps get rid of bacteria or allergens. It also comes with a remote to program a seven-day cleaning schedule and a boundary accessory called the blOck Plus, which keeps the cleaning device from entering a room (and, say, disturbing your dog).

A Vitamix blender

Vitamix Explorian Amazon

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This 64-ounce Vitamix Explorian blender has a cool-running motor that maintains a consistent temperature and has stainless steel blades that are fast enough that the friction can quickly turn cold ingredients into warm soup. There are no digital displays on this device, but you can control the speed and use the pulse feature to control the consistency and make chunkier foods like salsa. The container is self-cleaning—just add soap and water—or can be placed in the dishwasher. Right now, it’s on sale for 34 percent off—now just $190.

Boom 2 speaker

Ultimate Ears Amazon

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The Ultimate Ears Boom 2 provides powerful, 360-degree sound and deep bass tones. With these speakers, you can use the PartyUp app and connect up to 150 UE speakers. That’s many more speakers than a regular person would have in their home, but you must admit: it’d be great to blast some Michael Buble songs through 150 boxes. The speaker is waterproof, shockproof, and has a 15-hour battery life. Today they are on sale for 68 percent off—now $64.

Harvest indoor garden

AeroGarden Amazon

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Don’t worry if you live in a house or apartment with little to no sunlight. With the AeroGarden Harvest, you can still grow your own vegetables and herbs indoors. It uses a programmable LED lighting system to maximize photosynthesis and healthy plant growth. This kit includes six herb pods for basil, thyme, mint, curly parsley, Thai basil, and dill. You can grow up to six plants at a time and don’t have to deal with messy soil. The AeroGarden Harvest is 54 percent off right now—available for $69.

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