Stower Candle Charger
With Stower's Candle Charger system, a single Sterno canister can charge a smartphone--twice. The candle's flame heats and purifies a pot of water, which serves as a thermoelectric generator. $99. Courtesy of Stower

In every issue of Popular Science, we round up our 10 favorite products of the month. Here’s the cream of the crop of 2015–our most favorite out of 120 items that, even months after, we’re still obsessed with. We bring you: the best of Obsessed.


Stower Candle Charger

With Stower’s Candle Charger system, a single Sterno canister can charge a smartphone–twice. The candle’s flame heats and purifies a pot of water, which serves as a thermoelectric generator. $99

Google OnHub Router (TP-LINK)

Wi-Fi router setup is frustrating. But Google’s OnHub (TP-LINK variety) employs an easy-to-use app. The router even lets you assign which devices should get faster downloads, see who’s connected, and troubleshoot—all from your phone. $200

Ryobi Phone Works Infrared Thermometer

Ryobi’s new tool plugs into a smartphone’s audio jack, allowing it to measure temperatures from -22°F to 662°F—in real time, no less. $50

E1 4K Action Camera

Digital imaging startup Z created a tiny camera to give documentarians and athletic auteurs more control than your average action camera. It has interchangeable lenses, can film in 4K at 24 frames per second, and has a 3-D noise filter for low-light scenes. $699


Stop navigating a new city staring at a smartphone. Lechal’s shoes and insoles vibrate to guide wearers to their destination. Plus, each pair you purchase subsidizes a pair for someone who’s visually challenged. From $80

Super Mario Maker

It’s been 30 years since the mustachioed plumber started hopping around screens. To celebrate, Nintendo’s new Wii U game lets you design your own levels. And if that’s too much work, you can try ones designed by other players too. $60

Survival Laces

Get yourself out of any bind with these shoestrings. Inside the extra-strong paracord laces you’ll find fishing line, tinder, and a flint rod that can help start a fire. $15

Hardware Store Saw

Brooklyn Tool & Craft’s short-bladed saw has a unique tooth design that can handle both rip and crosscut jobs. The blade’s diagonal scales and measuring tools help you convert to metric or check angles without reaching for the toolbox. $149

Trainer By Gibson

Legendary guitar maker Gibson worked with Olympian Usain Bolt to develop wireless over-ear headphones for runners. Built-in LEDs in the earpieces increase nighttime visibility. At the touch of a button, you can also lower the volume to stay alert during your run. $250

Leatherman Tread

Leatherman is getting on board with wearables. The stainless-steel Tread multitool is wrist worn and becomes a box wrench, screwdriver, bottle opener, and plenty more. From $150

Intel Compute Stick

A TV can become a full-fledged PC with Intel’s Compute Stick. The dongle-size device comes loaded with Windows, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage, and even a USB port. Go on, build your PowerPoint on the big screen. $150

Seagate Seven

If the name didn’t give it away, Seagate’s new 500GB hard disk drive is just 7 millimeters thick. It draws power from a USB port (over a USB 3.0 cable), making external power sources unnecessary. $99

TI-84 Plus CE

What has a USB port, a color screen, a battery that lasts for months, and brain enough to help you ace your math homework? The TI-84 Plus CE is Texas Instruments’ first new graphing calculator in years. It’s proof that even legends can get better. Price not set

Beer Peen Hammer

Though always vaguely connected, drinking and home repair finally come together in this hammer from Good Beer Hunting. The solid bronze tool can drive nails and open a beer. Whether that’s a good thing remains a question. $55


Quitbit’s heated coil lights your cigarette, and each time it does, the device takes note. A display on the lighter shows how long it’s been since you last lit up, and an app tracks data over time. Sure, it’s a little counterintuitive, but the designers hope the lighter’s little nudges will help smokers manage their habits. $99

Hydrofoil Drone

Parrot’s Rolling Spider drone is pretty fantastic, but it’s not made for water. The company has fixed that shortfall with the Hydrofoil. The flying drone can now attach to a pair of skids that can glide across water at speeds of about 6 mph. $179