Are you bored of eating at Michelin-star restaurants and flying in a helicopter to work everyday? Do you have so many piles of cash sitting around that they’re cluttering up your second vacation home? Sounds like you need a real vacation.

Hop into your private jet and check out these extreme, geeky, and sometimes absurdly pricy experiences.


Fly An Underwater Plane

Sure, you own your own aircraft and you fly it to work everyday. Whatever. But flying underwater is really cool. With the DeepFlight Super Falcon two-seater underwater plane, you can explore coral reefs, swim with dolphins, or just let loose and do a couple of barrel rolls. Superyacht Owner magazine says that, “with air-conditioning and music playing, the DeepFlight submarine was an extremely comfortable way to explore the deep.” Cost: $1.5 million

Dive Deeper In A Personal Submarine

Whereas the Super Falcon can only dive down to 400 feet, the Triton 36000/3 personal submarine can take you and two passengers into the deepest parts of the ocean. Enjoy your stay in the abyss. Cost: $15-25 million

Visit The International Space Station

Schmooze with professional astronauts and celebs like Sarah Brightman, all while traveling at 17,500 miles per hour. From a height of 200 miles, the Earth will look like the insignificant mud ball you always knew it was. Space Adventures has already started shuttling passengers back and forth. Cost: $20 million, plus an additional $15 million for a spacewalk

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Stay In An Inflatable Space Hotel

The inflatable space habitat from Bigelow Aerospace is trying to launch early as 2018. The company will begin sending its 110-cubic-meter BA-330 modules into orbit to become space stations and hotels.

Go To Space School

Want the experience of going to space, without actually having to leave terra firma? (Because internet access on the ISS is not even fiberoptic. Ugh.) At the National AeroSpace Training and Research Center, a.k.a “space school“, you’ll spin around in a giant centrifuge, pilot a disorienting spaceflight simulator, and try on a space suit. Cost: $7,000 total for basic + advanced courses
World View offers a gentler ride into the stratosphere via a helium-filled balloon.

Tour The Polar Circle

Hang out with penguins and whales, dodge icebergs, hike a glacier, and go diving in polar waters on a 12-day cruise around Antarctica. Cost: $11,300 for a “superior” room

Pilot A Jet Pack

Jet packs haven’t always been the safest of toys, but things are looking up (literally). The Martin jet pack has flown for up to seven minutes straight with no casualties. The company claims it can hoist up a 250-pound person for up to half-an-hour, moving at a max speed of 60 miles per hour. Pre-order now. Cost: Under $150,000

Crush A Car With A Battle Tank

How many of your friends can say they’ve driven a Russian T-55 Main Battle Tank? A Minnesota company named Drive-A-Tank will let you do just that—car crush INCLUDED! They’ll also let you shoot off machine guns that fire at 600 to 1,200 rounds per minute. Cost: $3,000

Stay In An Underwater Hotel

A five-star resort is allegedly on its way to Fijian coast—on the seafloor, that is. Once it’s finished, visitors will be able to ride around in a 1,000-foot “luxury submersible,” go scuba diving in local lagoons and coral reefs, and indulge in “marine-focused” spa treatments. The best part? The resort will be built in an unspecified location dubbed “Poseidon Mystery Island.” Another underwater resort, named the Water Discus Hotel is planned for Dubai. Either one sounds like the perfect place to dock your superyacht. Cost: TBD