Inventor William Liddiard has created a set of wheels that can move his car both forward and sideways, reports Gizmodo. They’d make parallel parking almost effortless, but I think the best use would be to edge the car closer to the drive-thru window so I don’t have to reach out as far for my McMuffin.

Watch the video below:

Vehicles photo

The wheels scoot the tiny Toyota Echo around the driveway forward, backwards, left, right and in circles. The car moves forward and backwards the regular way, and left/right when the tire tubes rotating inwards or outwards.

This sort of omni-directional wheel has been around for a while, according to an article published in Toronto-based London Free Press, who covered the wheels back in March before this video came out. Liddiard says his Liddiard Wheels are better on different kinds of road surfaces, and are designed better.