White, silver, black and gold colors for the Nexus 6p
White, silver, black and gold colors for the Nexus 6p. Android Police
The Nexus 6p is one of two Nexus devices likely coming at Google's September 29 event

Huawei Nexus 6p

The Nexus 6p is one of two Nexus devices likely coming at Google’s September 29 event

Google’s event will take place on September 29, but that hasn’t stopped their newest Nexus devices from leaking. The Nexus 5X and 6P are rumored to be revealed at the search company’s announcement in San Francisco on Tuesday. But almost a full week early, the devices have appeared on camera.

LG's latest Nexus phone

Nexus 5X by LG

LG’s latest Nexus phone

Nexus 5X

Google has partnered with a variety of different hardware manufacturers to make its Nexus-branded devices, and this time, it has handed those duties off to LG and Huawei. LG’s Nexus 5X looks like most smartphones in 2015: black front, colorful back. Buyers get a choice of black, white or “ice blue” hues.

More interesting than the colors are the 5X’s specs. The phone is reported to pack a 1080p, 5.2-inch screen, Snapdragon 808 processor, and USB-C for charging, according to Android Police. The site’s RAM rumors are bit more hazy—the Nexus 5X could boast either 3 GB or just 2 GB. The current line of speculation about the phone also lacks mentions of camera, battery life, wireless charging or other specifics. Though the September 29 Google event will likely include these, and all other relevant details.

The Nexus 5X in white

Nexus 5X

The Nexus 5X in white
Huawei's Nexus device for Google

Nexus 6p

Huawei’s Nexus device for Google

Nexus 6P

Huawei is also trying its hand at fielding a new phone for Google’s Nexus program. And funny enough, the company is choosing a higher number for the phone’s name than LG, perhaps in a bid to suggest to buyers that it is a better device. Rumors point to the device having a 5.7-inch screen, USB-C connector, and a Snapdragon 810 system on a chip (SoC) architecture, according to Venture Beat. If the reports are to be believed, the Nexus 6P will beat the new iPhone 6S when it comes to one very important aspect: on-device storage space. There’s reportedly no 16 GB-model in Huawei’s lineup. Instead, the Nexus 6P would presumably start at 32GB, and go up to 64GB and 128GB varieties.

White, silver, black and gold colors for the Nexus 6p

Nexus 6p by Huawei

White, silver, black and gold colors for the Nexus 6p

Google’s Nexus program was initially meant to get developers devices running pure, or “stock” versions of Android. But now that Android has taken off and many companies offer stock Android phones, Google’s Nexus lineup has basically transformed into its flagship, much like how Samsung, HTC, and others have very clear branding for their most important phones. With the Google stamp of approval, the Nexus phones are clearly designed to help the search company take on Apple’s iOS darling: the iPhone.

Cupertino announced its new phones at its fall event earlier this month. The iPhone 6S contains weaker specs than most competing top-of-the-line Android phones, with just 2 GB of RAM, starting at 16 GB and bringing over last year’s battery. But where the iPhone 6S differentiates itself from Android is in software features. Apple’s app ecosystem on iOS is unmatched, and iDevices are still the only place you can use iMessage. Now with 3D Touch, Apple is adding quick actions based on how hard you press on the screen.

Huawei introduced their own version of Force Touch at IFA, though besides weighing fruit we aren’t sure what it will be used for. Though with the Chinese company developing the Nexus 6P, perhaps the Google flagship will also receive its own form of 3D Touch. We’ll know for sure come September 29.