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Apple iPad Pro (2024) review: So pretty and full of potential

Think of the new 13-inch M4 iPad Pro like you would a race car. They’re both full of fancy new performance-maxing technologies that will one day trickle down into more affordable and consumer-friendly models. They’re also both aimed at experienced users who know how to get the most out of powerful hardware. And, despite all […]

A designer 3D printed a working clone of the iconic Mac Plus

Got around 40 free weekends in the near future? Possess a 3D printer, extensive knowledge of vintage computer coding, soldering techniques, and near-superhuman patience? Then you, too, could be the proud owner of a “Brewintosh Plus,” a maddeningly accurate, completely working clone of Apple’s iconic Macintosh Plus computer system. It might be hard to imagine, […]

The Apple Car is dead

It turns out that last month’s report on Apple kicking its tortured, multibillion dollar electric vehicle project down the road another few years was a bit conservative. During an internal meeting on Tuesday, company representatives informed employees that all EV plans are officially scrapped. After at least a decade of rumors, research, and arguably unrealistic […]

Don’t worry, that Tesla driver only wore the Apple Vision Pro for ’30-40 seconds’

Videos of what looks like Tesla drivers using the new Apple Vision Pro “spatial computing” headset while in Autopilot mode are going viral, but at least one is staged. After getting over 24 million views on X, 21-year-old Dante Lentini may still face legal repercussions for his stunt. In an email to PopSci on Monday, […]