A 3-D Printed Fashion Show Inspired By Birds

Warning: do not attempt to use these pieces to fly. You cannot fly.

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Last week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, designer Melinda Looi presented what’s being billed as Asia’s first 3-D-printed fashion show. The models wore nude bodysuits; the entire show was about Looi’s five bird-inspired pieces, created using 3-D printing technology.

These weren’t made with your everyday Makerbot console. The designs took up to eight people, including designers, engineers, and modellers. Those weren’t in Malaysia; instead, Looi sent her designs off to Materialise, a Belgian additive manufacturing (aka 3-D printing) shop. (The show was also organized by Materialise, which in addition to its usual modelling work for architects and designers also maintains a museum of sorts.) Check out the gallery to see what Looi and Materialise came up with.