The Craziest Looks From The 3-D Printed Fashion Catwalk

Fashion met science and it was pretty darn cool.

If this is the future of fashion, it's pretty wild: models wore 3-D printed garments on Wednesday night at the 2014 3D Printshow in New York City. The event featured an entire gallery of art crafted by 3-D printer tech, along with a catwalk showcasing designers' 3-D printer creations. The show included everything from a skimpy bikini to enormous headdresses--all in the name of fashion and science. Check out some of the most memorable looks from the night.

Purple Knights
This group opened the fashion show with a performance featuring dancing, somersaults, and cartwheels.Gabe Bergado
Red Mask By Dorry Hsu
The masks from Hsu are inspired by her fear of bugs.Gabe Bergado
Necklace And Yellow Dummy By Dorry Hsu
Another piece from Hsu using the bug-spiration.Gabe Bergado
Tetra Kinematics 120N By Nervous System
Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg together are the design team Nervous System. They use computer simulations to generate designs.Gabe Bergado
Lotus Top By ThreeForm
A form-fitting accessory that holds onto the the neck and shoulders along while framing the clavicles.Gabe Bergado
Headdress By Lionel Dean
This piece surprised audiences when it was the first garment to glow on the catwalk Wednesday night.Gabe Bergado
Hatch Eyeglasses By Michiel Cornelissen
Nylon frames were printed around the lenses to create these specs.Gabe Bergado
Fat Colour Diamond Necklace By Jointed Jewels
These candy-colored acrylic necklaces popped on the runway.Gabe Bergado
@mpersand Hat By Heidi Lee
If only it was an actual "@" sign. Then it'd be like wearing a Twitter mention on your head all the time.Gabe Bergado
Australoplana Sanguinea By Rob Elford
Octo-tastic.Gabe Bergado
Lena By Frances Guevara
Yes, that is a 3-D printed bikini.Gabe Bergado
Mojito Shoes By Julian Hakes
Models also showed off footwear produced by 3-D printers.Gabe Bergado
Split Heels By Bryan Oknyansky
These heels were very Wizard of Oz.Gabe Bergado
Neck Piece By Hannah Soukup
This outfit could totally be a character's costume in The Little Mermaid musical.Gabe Bergado
Gilded Horn Mask By Catherine Wales
This mask is like something out of Greek mythology.Gabe Bergado
DNA Corset And Frame By Catherine Wales
These were the only garments worn by both male and female models.Gabe Bergado
Neurotiq By Sensoree
This designer's pieces "seek to animate and heighten the body IQ."Gabe Bergado
In Bloom Dress By XYZ Workshop & Ultimaker
This dress was the only garment with a train that was featured in the show.Gabe Bergado
Néobaroque Dress By Pia Hinze
The designer's work references baroque architecture with shapes, contours, and textures that are hard to construct with fabrics.Gabe Bergado
Quixotic Divinity Headdress By Joshua Harker
The headdress was the finale piece, and with good reason. Everyone's jaws dropped and cameras were raised once the model stepped onto the runway.Gabe Bergado
Quixotic Divinity Headdress By Joshua Harker
Gabe Bergado