SXSW 2015: These Undulating, 3D-Printed Clothes Are Pretty Amazing

Dry clean only, do not wash or tumble dry

Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen argues fashion is in desperate need of a revolution. In her eyes, the industry is so concerned with producing stock that no one is making enough time for rethinking the textile production process. That’s why van Dongen has turned to emerging technologies for her clothing’s bold designs and atypical manufacturing methods.

Van Dongen recently turned to 3D printing to see if it could lead to clothing that’s more body-focused and responsive to how a person moves. She detailed her experimentation in 3D-printed fashion at South by Southwest this year, noting there’s still more to do before we all see 3D-printed garments on clothing racks. But she hopes her work will inspire other designers to see what’s possible.

Explore a gallery of her newest concept below. (Video credit: Nicolas Cambier)

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