Video: Japanese Trashcan Bot Frantically Drives Around to Catch Your Tossed Litter

This Japanese trashbot is custom-built with a fairly complex-looking control board, power system and operating code. Three wheels at the base have 360 degrees of motion, so the robot can spin in any direction.

The trashcan bot syncs to a Kinect mounted to the wall, which monitors the environment. It knows exactly where to roll and when to stop so it can catch whatever you throw at it.

Unfortunately, I can’t read Japanese, so I have no idea what the captions are explaining. But some of the action is pretty self-explanatory — servos and connections are highlighted, you can see the parts being etched, and then it gets really good around 2:25. If any of our Japanese-speaking friends want to help, let us know in the comments what the captions say.