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We’re back in full-force here at Techathlon HQ, which means we have an episode for you this week that’s packed with useful information about technology, bad puns, and HR-approved smack talk. It was nice to take a little time away, but we were itching to get back in front of the microphones. In the next few months, we’re going to be rolling into busy tech season with new gadgets, announcements, and probably a whole bunch of depressing and terrifying tech security breaches to go along with them. Whatever happens, we’ll be right here to make give you crucial info while making (mostly bad) jokes about it. It’s good to be back. Now go listen.

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Here’s a look at the content from this week’s show.

Techathlon Decathlon Producer Jason dives into the week’s big tech stories and pulls out 10 trivia questions to teaser our tired brains. This episode, the content spans from Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10 smartphones to video game streaming and Disney’s upcoming streaming service. Can Rob continue his reign as “guy who wins Decathlon a lot?”

Eating the Impossible Whopper

Burger King built a Whopper out of Impossible’s fake meat and we got a chance to dig in just before the burgers became available across the country. The new Impossible meat formula has some fascinating science behind it and the Whoppers taste rather excellent. Check out our full impressions and get a little background on the burger you can drop on your friends next time you make a fast-food run.

Internet of huh?

Not every gadget needs to be “smart,” but that doesn’t stop companies from cramming connectivity and all kinds of unnecessary features into every item you can imagine. In fact, Juul just recently released a Bluetooth connected e-cig that tracks your vaping habits. In this game, Corinne presents us with three absurd-sounding smart gadgets. Two are real and one is fake. The rest of us need to guess which is which.

Your name is bad

Instagram could soon become “Instagram from Facebook” as part of one of the lazier rebranding efforts in recent memory. In this game, Stan shares some other terrible tech company names and the Techathletes have to guess what the company does. Remember eSnailer? You probably don’t, but it existed.