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small delicate, partially translucent mushrooms growing on a log
a yellow wheeled robot approaches a colony of penguins in the snow
a kilonova, a cosmic event between two neutron stars showing the collision in the middle and purple blue emissions coming off of it
half of a circle with concentric rings of brown, gold, and amber radiating outwards
Venus as a white dome in the background, a camera in the left foreground, in black and white.
Mars' surface, in high-resolution and color, as captured by the Hazcams on NASA's Perseverance rover.
A close-up shot of Mars taken in black-and-white by the Chinese Tianwen-1 probe.
This enormous spike of lightning was spotted from the International Space Station.
A lunar rainbow or moonbow stretching over the mountains at night in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
A close-up view of Tithonium Chasma, which is feature of Valles Marineris, the solar system's largest canyon.